Apple Picking + Contest

Tis the season for apples! A cold front has come to Kalona, and our entire family couldn't be happier. We love the cold weather; our windows are open, we can cook all we want with the oven, eat soup and chili forever, and take long walks in cozy sweaters! We decided to take a trip to the local apple orchard this past weekend and pick some of our favorites - honeycrisp - to bake into a pie!! It turned out perfectly, the trip and the pie (;

If you live in Iowa City or the surrounding area, Wilson's Orchard is the place to go! They have several different varieties and so many beautiful trees. Not to mention that the property is absolutely gorgeous. The orchard is planted across several rolling hills, which can be a great workout if you're impatient and decide to not take the hay rack like us! We went last year when Tad was only five-months-old carried in a sling, and this year he could walk the entire way by himself. It was so relieving, yet so unbelievable that he's changed so much in a year's amount of time. This year he also got to eat all of the apples he wanted! Once he discovered that he could pick apples from the tree (and, let's not lie, the ground) it was as if he were at a smorgasbord. Most of the ones he picked had already gone bad, so there was a lot of confusion about which apples were okay to eat and which were not. Luckily, we were able to avoid any rotten apples being digested along with any temper tantrums. I'd say that's a win in my mom book.

I am sure you're wondering what the "contest" is all about! Well, let me tell ya... I had this crazy idea about doing monthly hashtag contests on Instagram. If you don't follow us already, you definitely should! In the past, we've held some pretty fun giveaways and contests where someone walks away with a really great prize, like an item from our shop or store credit to use online! So, what's a hashtag contest? I love seeing all of the seasonal photos that happen online. This time of year is always known for apples. Most families are heading to the orchard to pick and everyone is baking with their pickin's. The photos are gorgeous, and why not share in the love of the season? I thought this would be a fun way to not only celebrate fall, but all of the wonderful parts of each season, each month. Next month, we'll have a different contest, and that means another chance to win something! Here's how you can enter our first hashtag contest:

  • Go give us a follow on Instagram (@underatinroof); you have to be following us to be featured on our blog and to win a prize
  • Use our hashtag #underatinroofapplepicking on any photos within the month of September of you going apple picking, baking with apples, artistic photos with apples, ANYTHING APPLES!!
  • We will share your photos to our Instagram throughout the month of September, and on October 1st, we will share our favorites to our blog with mentions towards you, and our TWO favorites will win a prize from our shop!!

I know! It's really that simple!! And we are so excited. There are already some amazing photos on the hashtag, and it makes me so happy and excited. Our followers and readers are awesome; we love y'all and are constantly thanking our blessings for such sweet and positive people like you! So go get to making with apples and give the contest a try. I promise it will be fun (:

xoxo Kayla

On Tad: Linen Romper - Under A Tin Roof ; Wellies - Hunter Boots
On Me:  Linen Tunic - Under A Tin Roof ; Linen Dress - Gap ; Wellies - Hunter Boots ; Wood Watch c/o JORD