Tad's Turn Out No. 6

We are in that strange "in between" seasons section of our wardrobes right now. Tad's having a much better time of it than I am. I'm beginning to tire of my shorts and tees!! The weather around here predicts much of what we put on our bodies each day, and that lately has been a mix of hot & muggy or mild & wet. There's been a lot of rain, which has resulted in lots of welly wearing! I don't mind that at all!! Though the quick changes of Midwestern weather have been a slight annoyance, that doesn't mean we still can't look cute! We recently got a shipment in from Little A Handmade in Australia, and it has made all the difference in Tad's wardrobe!

Each of these pieces is made out of breathable cotton and can be easily layered for any type of mild weather! This playsuit has been great for the warmer days and will be fun to layer with a soft tee, sweater, and socks when it begins to cool down. He looks like the little Huck Finn of my dreams in the outfit above!!

We took a trip to the park earlier this week on a morning after it had rained pretty heavily. There were lots of puddles to splash in, and these little harem pants were a great solution to keep the water at bay and also lightweight enough to not be too warm. I think I'll layer them with long johns or leggings when the cold weather comes!

Cotton Harem Pants c/o Little A Handmade // Wellies - Hunter Boots // Natural Dyed Onesie - Us

Sigmund the bear has been going everywhere with us lately, and Tad never lets us forget when he is missing! Siggy gets the royal treatment around here:  he is fed at every meal, given medicine and drinks, pats and rocked to sleep, hugs and kisses, and even gets multiple washing machine baths a week, to Tad's dismay. It's that inseparable bond that I tried to create with so many other stuffed animals I purchased, but Siggy came out to be the one. And I can't blame him; he is incredibly soft and cuddly! And cute, too (;

Bloomers c/o Little A Handmade // Denim Shirt - Gap Kids // Gnome Hood - Under A Tin Roof // High Tops - Converse // Teether c/o Wild Creek Co

Definitely go give Little A Handmade a look! We've been really enjoying their clothing lately (: And keep an eye out for a little series of posts having to deal with Tad's Autumn Wardrobe. I have started collecting a capsule for him, which will be a fun way to keep our baby clothing to a minimum and also support some really wonderful handmade brands. We are always trying to simplify around here!! I am excited to share with you (:

xoxo Kayla