Planning my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

So, this is a first for me. I am going through my pins, debating on what I want to share for this blog post as they will not be pictures of my own, but merely things I am inspired by, and becoming really excited the more high-waisted mom jeans and turtlenecks come my way. And then I start to notice chunky sweaters and wool overcoats and my mind is like, "NOPE." Not yet, lady. Too early for those shenanigans. That is so not like me at all. I crave all of those cold weather clothes, and I've talked all week about how much I hate summer, yet my brain is still holding onto all of my summer wardrobe pins. I wonder if it's because I've managed to narrow my entire closet within the past couple of years to only hold the items that I am using and need? That means this practice of capsuling and making my wardrobe into a uniform is working, right? I'm not craving to go shopping for an entirely new look; I have what I need, and I don't really need much more.


With that being said, as I was going through my pins, I did realize that there are a few staples that I would love to have. Of course, there is always something, but these are things that I will use for the rest of my life unless my personal style takes a complete 180. I've always found it hard to narrow my personal style down to one word, down to a few words. I don't really know what to call it. I've shared my style muses on here before, but that still doesn't really tell me what it is... Parisian Street Style? English Cottage Style? Plain + Simple? I've been told "Blogger" which is just really funny to me! 

I'd love to find some oversized, loose-fitting, linen clothing. Whether they're pants, a peasant top, or a dress. I love that look so much! So refined. This look is really just what I wish I could embody at all times. Lately I've been in a t-shirt and jean shorts with my hair in the greasiest top knot because this humidity is making my life difficult. I can try and blame it on the weather as much as I want; I think I just want my jeans back. And also boots. Boots are good. These looks make me think, "Diane Keaton would wear this! And so would Sofia Coppola! That means I must wear it."

This simple sweater, tee, jeans, and sneakers look totally still works for me, too. I am not flashy, anything but flashy. Or sexy or funky or whatever. I like it simple, comfy, yet put together. This look will always be my go-to for work days, errands, walks, etc.

These two are a bit funky for me, but I still think they're so unique and cool! I really love the bottom look, but I feel I would end up putting the top one together for myself. These are looks that I can totally picture myself wearing while working in the garden of my dreams. Probably won't achieve these outfits this year, but I'll keep them on my vision board and see what happens (;

Shoes and accessories. I am lacking wholeheartedly in those departments. They're just never practical for me, and I wish they were. Jewelry has always been annoying, even as a younger lady. Earrings made my ears itch, and I would forget to take them out. Actually, all jewelry was itchy and irritating, necklaces especially. I am not sure what a good alternative to metal necklaces would be, but I think the one pictured above is absolutely stunning. Raw gemstones are incredible! A nice camera strap would be awesome, much better than the original one that came with my camera. And shoes. Oh, shoes. I will forever pay the big bucks for shoes; they last so much longer when you do.
Okay, enough rambling. If y'all know anywhere that I can find some really cool jewelry pieces, I will forever be in your debt! What are your fall staples?

xoxo Kayla