DIY Felt Banner

I am coming at you with full honesty - I am struggling with blog ideas for these last couple of weeks of August. That's not to say that I cannot figure out what to write anymore, but that I am dying to start posting soup recipes and knitwear and hot cocoa and trips to the apple orchard and all things autumn. I have so many ideas, and yet it still feels much too early to even begin with autumnal themed blog posts. Some of us are still gripping onto those last little moments of summer. I thought this super easy DIY would be a fun way to end the summer! And it makes something pretty and a fairly, okay really, trendy for your home. I'm not ashamed - I LOVE it!

I picked this saying because it's not only something that I see daily, but because it's something that I really feel is a profound way to live. I find that I have an excellent balance of chaos and simplicity in my life, but that simplicity always overrules any activity. It is where my roots grow, where I remain planted. This simple life that I am teaching myself to enjoy is one of the major steps, I believe, in finding happiness! That's really deep, and this is just a fun little project, but that's how I feel! So let's get started. If you want to change up the saying, be my guest!


  • Wool felt in at least two contrasting colors. I'd say about 1/2 yard for each, but probably less than that. And it might look really interesting to make it out of similar colors, or even the same color! You never know!!
  • Embroidery floss
  • Fabric pen
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Dowel rod
  • Needle
  • Yarn or twine


  • Cut your banner to an appropriate size out of the color felt you wish to use as the background. I chose to make mine 9" x 12". Then, cut two diagonal lines at the bottom to create a pendant like shape. 
  • Using your fabric pen, either freehand or trace the letters you wish to sew to the banner. I chose the saying "Live Simply". There are endless possibilities to this one, so just go for whatever your heart desires. I have added a downloadable photo at the end of this post for the letters I used if you do not wish to freehand the letters. Simply print them and cut each letter out, tracing them on the lighter colored felt. 
  • When you have finished cutting them out, align the letters on the banner where you wish for them to be sewed. Using sewing pins, pin each of the letters to the banner so that they do not slip around while you are sewing them on. Make sure to place the letters a bit lower on the banner, so that you can fold the top edge over to hold the dowel rod.
  • Using a needle and thread, or a sewing machine, begin to stitch the letters onto the banner. I prefer hand-stitching wool felt with embroidery thread. I think it has a more handmade, artistic look to it. I used thread that was a similar color to the felt I used for the lettering.
  • When the stitching is finished, using a hot glue gun, fold the top of the banner down just enough to slip the dowel rod through and glue it down. Slip the dowel rod through the new hole you have made.
  • With some yarn or twine, tie the ends of strand around each end of the dowel rod. Use this to hang on your wall. Finished!

As you can see, this is super simple! I finished it in an evening and was really pleased with the results. I am sure it will be hanging in all different parts of my house, and I may even make a few more with different phrases on them. I thought it might even be pretty to make one with a felt floral design instead of words! What do you think? I would love to see your creation!

xoxo Kayla