Off to the Farmer's Market

Iowa City is a really great getaway when you are craving a more populated, diverse community. Not that we don't love Kalona and its rural attributes, because we do! Kalona is a wonderful, safe, truly beautiful little town that we love living in. After living in Houston for three years, we became used to having all of our amenities within five minutes of our house. There was a major shopping mall, organic grocery stores, incredible Mexican restaurants, and high end designer shopping right outside our door... but we were craving the rural lifestyle; that's how we ended up here. And now it takes at least 20-30 minutes to get to the nearest major grocery store for toilet paper and diapers, which isn't the end of the world. On the days you forget something, you are giving yourself a swift kick in the rear! So... Iowa City; home to the University of Iowa with a somewhat small population and a lot of diversity. It's artistic, eccentric, a little bold, and a lot of fun! I love it; it's the perfect place for a college student to live an interesting life away from home for the first time while still feeling really safe. If you are looking for a good college town, this one is a good one.

Which brings me to... the farmer's market! Kalona does not have its own farmer's market, but the Amish do have produce auctions now and again, which we have not yet experienced. They sound like a lot of fun! I've been to quite a few farmer's market over the years, usually working booths, and have not yet seen such unique and colorful looking produce as I have seen in Iowa. I could be wrong, but I feel like the vegetables just look better here! Growing up in Illinois, we were given a lot of sass for growing up surrounded by cornfields, but no one I knew ever touched an ear of corn out in the fields. Living here, I feel like all I do is handle vegetables all day from local surrounding farms! It's incredible, and I love that my son gets to grow up here surrounded by farmland and the experiences that come along with that.

Linen Smock - Under A Tin Roof | Market Bag - Under A Tin Roof | Flea Market Cart - Amazon

How cute is my mama?! Though adorable, is really shy when it front of the camera and generally stays behind it. She needs more photographs around here! Here she is, the lady behind all of the beautifully sewn creations. She even made this top mere hours before we went to the market on a whim, and now we feel like we have to make more! I love it and want one in every color. Look out for it and the market bag in the release of our fall collection (August 18th!!!).

Water Infuser c/o Aladdin | Linen Dress - Gap | Woven Market Bag - Amazon | Sunglasses - Dry Goods USA | Sandals - Amazon

We filled our water infusers up with strawberry, lemon, and cucumber water from the fridge. A woman at the market was selling freshly clipped basil, so we bought a bundle and added a few leaves to our water. Insanely good!! I really am turning towards the more herby-tasting water as opposed to sweet. There are more recipes for infused water here - these on-the-go cups by Aladdin are our fave! Also, I am going to let you in on a secret... I am currently addicted to finding everything on Amazon. Just when I thought I would have to throw in the torch and buy the $150 Birkenstocks, I came across these bad boys for $11 and they're ten times more comfortable and are going to last forever. I wear them everyday with everything. I will be sad when it is time for them to get stored for winter, but also not sad because this heat is killing me. 

We are off to enjoy some mixed rice with spinach and green onion topped with roasted eggplant, feta, and parmesan. It's soooooo good. I'll share the recipe soon! Maybe this week. We shall see! Have a lovely start to your Monday!!

xoxo Kayla