Visiting the Quad Cities Botanical Center

Last week, when we visited Geneseo, we stopped at the Quad Cities Botanical Center for a little while during our trip home. It was another twenty minutes down the street and is the nearest botanical garden to Iowa City. This was a small but still lovely garden center. I think it will be a great place to take Tad in another year. They have a beautiful children's garden with large sandboxes, water streams to splash in, and lots of educational activities all surrounded by the plant life. For now, he only wanted to eat the sand.

 He did enjoy carefully touching each flower we passed. I will not lie to you and say that he is a particularly gentle child, because he is extremely active, experimental, and likes to use any stick-like object as a hammering device, but he is gentle when it comes to nature. Whenever we approach a flower or shrub, he likes to carefully finger the petals and centers and really look at it before making any rash decisions. This is something I really enjoying observing. I wonder how he will be as he continues to grow, if this is only something that is a phase to him as he is learning about the world around him, or if plants are something he will always enjoy and be fascinated by. I think my favorite thing to witness is him pointing out each tree to me when we go for walks. 

The other exciting part was the koi fish ponds! The woman who checked us in offered us a few cups of fish food to feed them. When we left the gardens, she asked how Tad enjoyed feeding the fish (he did very much), and continued to explain how often children fall into the ponds, which are not deep at all just fyi! She said she often witnesses mothers leaving the center with sopping clothes and dry children who they have changed just in case. Hilarious! Tad did really love watching the fish. They knew food was coming when people were near the pond's edge and would open their giant mouths hungrily, so big that you could practically see all the way inside of them. We were all fascinated! I doubt these fish ever go hungry - ha!!

I was really proud of myself after capturing these images of the koi fish! It looks like they've been dipped in glass. 

They had chairs set up for a wedding. Such a lovely idea! I am not sure I would want to have my wedding at this particular garden, but I have been dreaming of a greenhouse wedding. That would be beautiful! 

So there you have it. Way too many photos of plants, but I'm not even sorry. Not one bit! Everything was beautifully manicured and growing exceptionally. I hope I never become tired of capturing the beauty that comes from the earth. It's just magical to witness, to look at over and over again. Hope you are having a killer weekend!

xoxo Kayla