Returning to Our Roots // Gardening Tools

Returning to Our Roots // Gardening Tools

Who's ready to garden? We've passed the spring planting season, but that doesn't mean we can't talk tools! A little while ago, we began our journey into starting our very first kitchen garden. In that blog post, we discussed some of our dreams and plans for how we wanted our garden spaced out, ideas on budgeting, and which fruits + vegetables we were hoping to grow. Since then, we have planted four berry bushes (blueberries and red raspberries) and have decided to begin building our raised vegetable beds in the fall, when the weather cools down, and we can save up some money. This weekend we may even look into pricing some fruit trees! We will talk about planting our berry bushes soon, but for now, we would like to go over some gardening tools that we have collected! If you are following along on our kitchen garden journey in hopes that you too can start yours, we have some great tool finds for you!

On Tad: Romper - Tiny Cottons (@tinycottons) c/o Murray and Finn (@murrayandfinn) // On Me: Sunhat - Urban Outfitters; Linen Tunic - Under A Tin Roof (@underatinroof); Wellies - Hunter Boots

We began growing giant sunflowers from seeds in clay pots during the spring. Since then, they have sprouted quite tall, but their leaves were beginning to turn yellow, a sign of needing more room to grow. Perfect timing for a little photo shoot! You will see below that the sunflowers growing in the littlest pot are much smaller in proportion. Poor little loves! Let's hope they grow big and strong.

When gardening, it's smart to wear the proper gear! And why not look cute while you are at it? A sunhat, apron, and gloves are all great pieces to have. Nobody said they had to be completely for utility, right? (; The nice thing about our linen tunics is that they can substitute for pretty much anything and are incredibly durable. If you're a fan of linen, you'll know this to be true. This tunic has been through quite a lot! And the best part was when Tad decided to throw dirt at my chest, my white t-shirt was completely protected. Score!

This forged trowel by The Freckled Hen Farmhouse is the perfect tool for any gardener, beginner or experienced. You can tell that it was made well, with the intention to be lightweight, durable, and perfect for plant transplantations. I was in trowel heaven! This little baby dug up the surrounding dirt and was small and precise enough to loosen the sunflowers from their clay pots.

First thing was first, we needed to soften up the dirt and pull as many grass roots as possible from the area where we wanted to transplant the sunflowers. The perfect tool for that is a cultivator. With its three steel tines, we could easily loosen up the soil. Tad was quick to come in and help with his own shovel. Of course, all he did was stick his feet in the mud. Do not ask me how he kept his romper clean throughout all of these photos because I do not know! Then we found a worm, which Tad gingerly picked up and tossed back into the dirt. Go back where you came from!!

Then came the time to put the sunflowers into the ground. The forged trowel really came in handy here. Because the sunflower's soil and roots were so tightly packed, I was able to insert the trowel around the edges, as if loosening a cake from a pan, and pour the sunflowers out, roots in tact. We placed the sunflowers into the ground and covered them with the soil we had initially removed.

One more pat with the trowel for good measure (;

When we were finished patting in the soil it was time to water the sunflowers and then go plant a few more from seeds that Natalie and Luke had sent us! We used our watering can to sprinkle the flowers, and Tad loved it. He kept sticking his hands in the stream of water. It was much more entertaining than the hose!

When we received our trowel, Natalie and Luke also sent along these ornamental blend sunflower seeds! We were so happy to have more sunflowers to plant; now our two raspberry fence posts can match! We decided to plant these seeds in eco-friendly seed cups, so that we can just plant the entire container into the ground when the seeds have sprouted. You could just plant the seeds directly into the ground, but we find its better to check on their growth this way. We also received the small package of Wildflower seeds from Savage Seeds when we ordered a couple of shirts from them! So cute! We cannot wait to see the beautiful blossoms from both of these packets.


Some other great tools to have, but aren't completely necessary might be some gardener's soap, hand cream, and a vegetable brush. Gardening can be rough on your hands! And a vegetable brush may help to get all of the dirt and grime off your fresh veggies.  

And there you have it! We found it was nice to gather up most of our tools now instead of right when we want to plant our kitchen garden. This way, when next spring rolls around, we will be ready to go without having to worry about spending so much money all at once. And it was late in the season, so most of the tools we purchased were on sale. This would probably be even more true if we went right before the garden center closed shop! Have fun grabbing up your gardening tools; when we bought ours Jill was having a time laughing at me saying, "You're officially a mom now. If we had gone shopping for gardening supplies a couple of years ago, you would have been rolling your eyes!" She's probably right. Ha! 

xoxo Kayla

This post was sponsored by The Freckled Hen Farmhouse.

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