Tad's Turn Out No. 5

It has been horribly, awfully hot and humid outside for the past couple of weeks. So miserable, that we are often stuck inside the house, praying that the wet blanket will lift away and that we can go for a walk. There was one good day where we could finally enjoy some time outdoors, and I took advantage of that time to snap some outfit photos of Tad. This is what his outfits have been like lately. Onesie, sandals, and that darn straw hat. My goodness. The hat.

Okay. So we picked the hat up at one of the Amish stores in town. It's an "authentic", Amish hat, because it's where the Amish members of our community purchase their clothing accessories. So there's that. Anyway, we thought it would be a cute purchase when we began sharing our gardening posts. Mama has a sunhat, so Tad can have one too, right? Well, now that he has discovered his new accessory he will not take it off. It has turned into a strange security blanket. He's never really had a toy or lovey that he is completely obsessed with. He has Toad, but it's not like Toad goes absolutely everywhere with us. We cannot leave the house without him wearing his hat; diaper-changes are now a nightmare because he can't lie down with the hat staying on his head. He puts it on himself and waltzes around our house, making sure to stop every ten minutes or so and check himself out in the mirror. It's hilarious and adorable and I could really care less. If he likes it, then he likes it. Maybe its his long lineage of farmers speaking to him. "Wear the hat..."

Mama received a fun shirt as well! 

This is probably one of my favorite little outfits lately. I really love the natural onesie color; it suits him well and he looks like he belongs with the plants outside. Hope you all have an awesome weekend!