Motherhood as Salvation // Guest Post by Jasmine Woody

"How has motherhood helped simplify particular areas of your life?

Before I get started, I’m letting y’all know that I’m going to be 100% transparent here. Motherhood has been the biggest influencer in my life, by far. It has forced me to get my priorities in order, and to figure out what I truly want out of this lifetime of mine. When you have little, innocent bodies fully reliant on you, you have no choice but to shape up your act and to get things on track so that they can be prepared for success. Since becoming a mother, I’ve learned to simplify many aspects of my life. 


  1. My mind. Having children can cause a lot of anxiety. In all honesty. Speaking on my own experiences, my mind is constantly going, going, going. There are days when I’m dealing with a hungry, sleepy, cranky, hyper, angry, toddler that has decided that all 56 diapers needed to be all over the living room floor right after he’s done smearing his fig bar all over the walls and dumping a whole bottle of baby powder on the couch. All of this happening while I’m trying to console and put down my teething, gassy, overtired, screaming, (til’ she loses her voice) baby for a nap. Man, just typing that makes me exhausted… That being said, your mind can easily become overwhelmed. This is why I now take the time to breathe and recollect my thoughts when I have some free time. Whether it be a brief five minutes when the kids are contently playing, or during the three hours when you score and get both kids to nap at the same time. You must, must, MUST take time to breathe and remind yourself to clear your mind. You must learn to compliment yourself. If you have to say it out loud, DO IT.  “I am an amazing mother!”
  2. My body. Before kids, and with my crazy metabolism, I ate whateeeever I wanted. Once you have children, you start to care more about what you put into your body. If you wouldn’t feed it to your child, why would you feed it to yourself? Motherhood has simplified my life with foods to where I am more conscious about the ingredients in the foods, knowing what is and isn’t harmful, and knowing what will be beneficial my body.
  3. My soul. Now this can be pretty much anything. For me, it’s the things around me that can affect me. I’ve simplified my home. It is almost impossible to live in clutter with children. Having a simplified, minimal home allows me to “feed” my soul with only the things that matter. This also means to do the things that you enjoy. Taking the kids to the park, or putting together a puzzle as a family. Happy moments like those are what you will remember for many years to come.

How has this affected you as a woman?

Before I had children, and before I even got married really, I would be the last person on this earth that you would’ve ever thought would be a mother. I partied a lot, I was disorganized, lived filthy (my living space was constantly trashed), carried myself horribly. It’s all really very shameful now that I look back at it. Having children has allowed me to grow as a woman in many more ways than I ever expected. I’ve learned that the life I live is not always going to be about me. It’s about raising and passing on good morals and values to my children. To the next generation."

Thank you so much Jasmine for your lovely words on motherhood, womanhood, and finding simplicity! Jasmine is a soldier in the United States Army and lives in Tennessee with her husband and two little ones. You can read more about her on her website and blog, and follow her daily life on Instagram @wwjasd

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