Returning to Our Roots // Our Nature Trading Club Box

Do you follow us on Instagram? If you don't, you should! That's where we post a lot of our daily happenings, sales, promotions, giveaways, and any fun new products coming your way. We have found that Instagram is an incredible social resource; we have met so many great friends there, collaborated with businesses all over the world, and are consistently introduced to amazing handmade products! Which was how we were introduced to Little Cottonwood's Nature Trading Club

The Nature Trading Club is fun program where children can experience bits and pieces of nature from all over! It encourages littles to get outside and find the beauty in the world around them and also to share it with others. Each participant is encouraged to gather up as much nature as possible (rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers, feathers, etc.) and package it all up to send off to some other little around the same age. We were told that the friend receiving our package was 11-months-old and lived in Colorado! I am excited to see what is in our nature box because I've never been to that state before!

Here is what we put in our nature box!

  • A few pressed weeds. wildflowers, and leaves from the creek near our house. Some of them were weaved into a flower crown and pressed!
  • Fallen bark from the elm tree in our backyard
  • A pinecone
  • A vile of dirt from our yard
  • A few rocks from the campsite in town
  • White clover blossoms (great herbal medicine!!)
  • A couple of feathers that crossed our paths
  • Local beeswax 
  • Locally grown, dried lavender
  • Local wool, hand spun into yarn by myself
  • An abandoned bird's nest we found while blueberry picking (my personal favorite!)

This was such a fun activity! Although I did most of the finding, I did let Tad examine each piece when we found it. It is really fun watching him experience nature, as I have said many times before!! I hope our trading partners enjoy their new goodies. I was happy that not only were we sending beautiful, local nature, but that most of it is sustainable and usable (: There's nothing better than au naturale. The next Nature Trading Club will be in September, so don't miss out!!

xoxo Kayla