Blueberry Picking

A friend of ours recommended that we go visit and pick at the U-Pick Blueberry Farm in Lone Tree, Iowa. We were so happy and surprised when we arrived at how abundant their berry bushes were. SO many ripe, beautiful blueberries were ready to be picked right at our fingertips. It was honestly a little piece of salvation for me. I felt so calm and natural kneeling beside the bushes and carefully plucking. It was a lot easier than I expected, as I had never been before. Strawberry picking is kind of tedious and annoying, even more so raspberries. This was just relaxing, the perfect way to clear your mind, and be so enthralled by nature's gifts! Every time I began to feel too overheated, the wind knew when to give me a break. I'm getting philosophical and sappy over here, but I was just really feeling these blueberries!

Tad was actually really lovely to pick with this day. He had free reign to pick and eat as many as he liked and couldn't destroy anything while we were there. This child truly has a little storm brewing inside of him. Not that he is angry or mean, but he is the most active little baby. He never walks, but runs instead, and will climb anything and everything that he can. We had a little trouble trying to show him to eat the purple-colored berries and not the green ones. But that failed miserably. He really enjoyed seeing the beetle bags with all of the bugs crawling around inside. 

When we first saw this little field, we thought we had happened upon a fairy garden! Isn't it just beautiful looking? The owner of the property just happened to be walking by and explained that these were garlic. Immediately I was thinking, duh, but it was just so interesting to look at. We were baffled! Extraordinary. PLANTS ARE SO COOL.

Pure blueberry bliss.

Sorry not sorry for the photo overload. There were just too many beautiful things to capture. We are making blueberry waffles for dinner and then probably making a cobbler of some sort (: Have a happy day!

xoxo Kayla