Visiting mabel. in Geneseo, IL + Tad's Turn Out No. 4

Happy Friday! Yesterday we took a trip out to Geneseo, Illinois to visit our new friend, Ashley, who owns and operates the shop mabel. The connections we have made online, mostly on Instagram, are truly amazing. Seriously, we have met some of the most wonderful people and made some business connections that never before would have been possible. That's how we met Ashley! After writing to each other on Instagram for a few months, she ordered one of our weavings, and we couldn't pass up bringing it to her in person! We had the best time meeting her and her daughters, seeing all of the gorgeous historical homes in Geneseo, and visiting the Quad City Botanical Center (but I'll have to save that for another post. I took way too many photos!!!).

Trying to get a non-blurry photo of these two was next to impossible!! Tad always has so much fun interacting with other littles, something that he doesn't get to do very often as none of my good friends have children yet, and he is the youngest of all of the cousins who live near us. It is always fascinating to me to watch him play with other children, as it is so different from how he plays with me. He loves to wrestle, explore, and yell around me, and becomes very quiet, reserved, observational, and then follows with other children. 

Isn't Ashley's store just to die for?! I wanted to purchase everything. I loved the modern, minimalist vibe on older pieces. So us!! Ashley opened her store last October and has it opened for one weekend every month as she picks and finds treasures to fill it up. Her next opening is July 15, 16, and 17. You can look on her Facebook Page for the exact times she will be open. Go check it out - really lovely products, as you can see! 

Thanks so much for letting us come and visit your shop, sweet lady friend! We had the best time chatting, browsing, and I'm wearing the awesome shirt I purchased from you right now :D 

After we left, we walked through the downtown, perusing the buildings and window shopping. As much as we love exploring downtowns, I think we love looking at historical homes even more. Geneseo has an abundance of amazing houses dating back to the 1830s! I wish I had taken some photos of them, but I was driving. Perhaps next time!

And here is Tad's Turn Out for the week! He's getting so big, it pulls the strings at my mama heart.

Have a great weekend, everyone! xoxo Kayla