Tad's Turn Out No. 2

Woohoo! It's Friday! It's been a swamped week. There have been orders going out everyday (thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!!!) and lots of new collaborations being made that we are excited to share with you in the upcoming month. It's time to wrap this week up, enjoy some family time this weekend, and celebrate the person we call dad and "grumpy" around here! LOL. So, the ironic part about this outfit is that it's a little fall themed, and it's been in the 90s in our part of Iowa for most of this week. Apparently Tad didn't get the memo, or I found these vintage knit shorts and needed to put him in them... I mean, either conclusion is possible.

Tad's been teething like a boss for the past week as well. I'm about at the stage where I could pull my own hair out. Whining, nuzzling, biting, tantrums, head-butting. You name it. It wasn't until Wednesday that he finally let me look in his mouth to find a swollen, sore spot where I'm assuming two teeth are figuring out how to come up because it's a big one! He hates teething toys right now, so we're trying out best to just suffer through it. 

Lovely chats with Toad, his best friend. If you haven't seen our #TadandToad hashtag on Instagram, there are lots of fun little photos of the two of them together. 

This guy is getting too big for my liking! I say that, but every stage is so much fun for me. I just love being a mama, being his mama. It's exciting to look back at photos and little videos and then turn to see him now. How much he has changed in such a short time! Isn't the human body amazing? Just mind blown by this kid - constantly!! 

  1. Navy Bonnet - Briar Handmade / @briarhandmade
  2. White Shirt - Bubala Kids / @bubalakids
  3. Knit Shorties - Vintage
  4. Desert Booties - Ulla + Viggo / @ullaviggo
  5. Toad - Hazel Village / @hazelvillage

xoxo Kayla