Returning to Our Roots // Strawberry Picking

On Sunday, we were invited strawberry picking by our aunt. One of her friends was vacationing in Europe and needed some people to go over and pick the ripe berries so they wouldn't go bad and the bushes would continue to replenish themselves. We were thrilled to be asked as we had been considering going to a farm with public picking, but this ended up working out much more in our favor! Not only were there strawberries for the picking but also spinach, kale, lettuce, and several yummy herbs. We were ecstatic!

This isn't a typical Returning to Our Roots as I do not really have a recipe or any tips for you this time around. However, while we were picking we were deeply inspired by this small garden. We have been discussing and planning our own sustainable backyard garden for a few months now. It's something that we just cannot wait to begin. We hope to blog more about our construction plans, planting tips, and our journey into growing our own food next spring. For now, though, we will just daydream about having our own strawberry plants (:

Here are some photos from our evening!

Isn't their garden enclosure beautiful?! So inspiring! They had several small garden patches scattered throughout their property. This is where the lettuces and strawberries were. We were sweating our butts off picking! That heat is coming in strong.

Classic Tad. Also, as you can see, I'm still forcing this Briar Handmade bonnet on his not-so-little head. Oops.

What a glorious way to celebrate this season! I am dreaming about my own garden. This simple life is such a beauty; I am so grateful for it everyday. I am excited upon each waking, wondering what new things I will discover in nature! Have a good one, folks.

xoxo Kayla