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Good morning! This past week has been freaking awful over here. I never really had terrible allergies as a child, nor as a teenager. It was while I was pregnant with Tad, and we were living in Texas, that I was hit pretty strongly with spring allergies. They said it was the muggy air and heavy pollen floating around. Now, we've moved back to the Midwest, it's spring again, and I am miserable with itchy, watery eyes and a tickled, runny nose. I was going to blog about herbal tinctures today, but we will save that for next week, as this will be my first attempt at an herbal remedy for an actual illness I am dealing with! And this one isn't that serious, but wouldn't it be awesome to realize you could just fix your ailment by drinking a cup of tea? I know, I thought so too!


As far as my research has gone, there are several different herbs you can brew into a tea to help with allergy relief. Herbs provide natural antihistamine benefits in addition to anti-inflammatory effects, hydration, and fill you up with antioxidants. Here are some herbs that are commonly used to help people suffering from allergens:

  • Roobios. Rooibos is a naturally caffeine free tea from South Africa. It is a popular beverage because of its smooth, full bodied, and sweet flavor. It can be used for allergies, cramps, colic, insomnia, and eczema. It contains bioflavonoids that are used to block histamines, which are released when the body comes into contact with allergens. 
  • Yerba Mate. An herbal shrub or tree most commonly found in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It stimulates the adrenal glands to produce corticosteriods; this helps suppress overactive immune system responses to allergens, suppresses inflammation, and creates more oxygen flow by opening the respiratory passages. Yerba Mate contains caffeine, so not a good choice if you are planning on making an herbal remedy before bed.
  • Ginger. A natural antihistamine, most commonly used to relieve allergy issues in the sinuses. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which can provide relief to any aches. Traditionally drunk for relief of digestive disorders, to calm the stomach.
  • Lemon Balm. It is named for its lemon scent. A member of the mint family, it is considered a calming herb. It has many medicinal uses like fighting colds, settling upset stomachs, easing headaches, lowering blood pressure, and easing menstrual and respiratory problems.
  • Stinging Nettle + Peppermint Combo. These are the most common and traditional herbs used to treat allergies. Nettle is effective in treating itchy, watery eyes and a sneezing, runny nose. Peppermint contains anti-inflammatory and mild antibacterial constituents, which are a good decongestant. 

I found a recipe for an herbal allergy relief tea. It is a cool and minty tea with a citrus flavor. To learn how to brew an herbal tea, you can visit my herbal tea post.

  • Equal parts fennel seeds, lavender, lemongrass, nettle, peppermint and/or spearmint, and red clover. Sweeten with honey. Can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for 24 hours. 

My allergy tea with the books that inspired my new passion! Thank you Diana Gabaldon for sparking my interest in herbs and herbal medicine!! As you can see, these novels are well-loved.

So, my tea is a little different from the recipe, as I don't currently have access to lemongrass. Because my herbs are not yet ully grown, I have been purchasing dried herbs from Stringtown Grocery, which are all grown, dried, sifted, and cut by the Amish who work there. It was still really delicious, surprisingly! This has probably been one of my favorite teas that I've brewed,  AND it orks! Upon drinking, I've had less of an itchy nose and no eye complaints. So relieving and easy and I don't feel the need to take any Allegra/Claritin/Etc. 


Representing our own brand today in our new "Shop Local, Buy Handmade" tee. So soft, perfectly oversized, and a great way to remind myself about always purchasing my herbs locally! If you don't have access to locally grown herbs or lesser known ones, Mountain Rose Herbs is a great online bulk store. I'm planning on getting some arrowroot powder through them since I cannot seem to find it at any grocery stores. If you know any place where I could find this without having to order online, let me know in the comments! Thanking you in advance (: Enjoy your allergy remedy tea! I hope it goes well for you!!

xoxo Kayla

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