Tad's Turn Out

Growing up, I used to be obsessed with fashion bloggers. They were so cool and had amazing clothes. It was something that I thought I could definitely do, even as a twelve-year-old. Ha! I guess that's where my love of internet-sharing started. A few of my favorites were Sea of Shoes and The Blonde Salad. I followed them notoriously. Now that I am older, I still enjoy outfit posts, but not necessarily ones that involve high fashion. I like seeing women who dress in a clothing style similar to my own, because it inspires me to try better. However, I'm not that passionate about documenting my outfits anymore. I don't know what's different now, but there is someone who I am passionate about photographing, outfits included. Theodore!

I am so excited to start posting his little outfits on this blog space! This is something that I love doing with my tiny muse. On this particular day, we went out early to run some errands, which resulted in a trip to the park. The sun had just come up, so it wasn't that warm yet, and the park was empty. Tad has now discovered that he can climb up the equipment and slide down the slide by himself! It's so fun to stand near and coax him down. He's so brave and tough; it's once in a blue moon if he cries when he falls down. My parents and I were just saying today that this kid is going to have to be in football or some sport where they hit each other, because he's obsessed with tackling and wrestling. 

Tad's wearing:  baseball cap - Gap / striped tee - Old Navy / shorts - Old Navy / white Converse 

I cannot wait to try a couple more of these! I hope you enjoyed seeing what Tad wore. Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo Kayla