How We Style Our Tunics

How We Style Our Tunics

One question we get quite often when it comes to our tunics is:  how am I supposed to wear this? Our answer is always, "Over anything and everything!" But that can be a bit vague to most of our customers. We know they want specific answers, and sometimes explaining it in words just doesn't work. That's why we've decided to show you some of the different ways we style our tunics for casual and dressed up occasions!  

Jill, Outfit One: lace tunic, mauve tee, junk totenude ballet flats

I want my clothing to be easy. If they made pajamas that were appropriate for wearing out, I would wear that. Comfort is important to me when it comes to the way I style my outfits! The lace tunic works well for me because it makes me look put together, like I put some effort in, but I am super comfortable. I can run to the grocery store or the post office looking cute! 

Outfit Two: lace extender, black sweater, nude ballet flats

Nothing is worse when you are a little fluffy, and your shirt does not cover the areas you do not want out (i.e. your booty, pooch, thighs, etc). The lace extender is perfect because it covers all the parts, and I feel confident wearing the shirts I used to be insecure about pulling out of my closet. Some companies just don't get it! Chubby girls want longer shirts, at least I do!!!

Outfit Three: jean vest, lace tunic, nude ballet flats

There's nothing too different here; I threw our lace tunic over a black t-shirt, but added a little twist by styling one of our upcycled jean vests. This is something I would wear to work (I did, yesterday!) at The Shop. It's lightweight, comfy, and adds a little edge to my outfit. I received so many compliments when I wore this!

Kayla, Outfit One: linen tunic, striped tee, boyfriend jeans, clogs

I love our lace tunics, they're beautiful, but they're not really my style. I am definitely a Plain Jane. This is how I typically wear my tunic if I am wanting to dress it up a little bit more. I would wear this to a farmer's market, shopping in the Amish stores, or going to an art event. This is my "I paint landscapes and write bad poetry on the side" outfit.

Outfit Two: linen tunic, striped tee, skinny jeans, wellies

This look is perfect for my everyday life. Well, all of these are really, but this is what I usually wear on a day-to-day basis. The linen tunic works well as an apron/statement piece that I think can fit anyone's lifestyle. I would also trade out my jeans for leggings. This outfit works great for baking muffins, running after toddlers, and a trip to the grocery store.

Outfit Three: linen tunic, jean shorts, sandals // On Tad: linen bonnet, romper, leather boots c/o Ulla + Viggo

This was my first time trying the tunic out with shorts, and I have to say that I LOVE IT. It turned out super cute!! Seriously, when we say versatile, we mean it. Now I am curious as to how this would style over one of my jumpsuits. I will be definitely be wearing this out and about as the weather turns warmer. This could be a cute over a bathing suit as well!

We hope you enjoyed this little style post, and that we got any questions out of the way about how these tunics fit. Jill wears the XL/XXL size and Kayla wears the M/L size. These tunics were made to be oversized and fit women with a variety of body shapes; we never want to make anyone feel like they can't wear our clothing!! We would love to see how you style our tunics as well. Feel free to leave a review, photo, or concern in the comments below. We would love it!

xoxo Jill + Kayla

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