Spring Flea & Fair at The Barn in Wellman, IA 2016

In case you did not see (sorry for oversharing!), this past weekend was the Spring Flea & Fair show at The Barn in Wellman, IA. We had so much fun selling our products, and getting back into the groove of working art/craft shows and flea markets. I have definitely caught the show bug! I used to go all of the time as a kid with my parents, but I was too involved with my super important preteen life to care.  

The best part about this show was meeting people in person who we had met through Instagram and Facebook, or meeting new people who said they followed us. One customer said she came to the show because she had seen we would be there. Is this real life?! We love getting to know new friends online and introducing them to awesome art shows like The Barn. Such a treasure and humbling experience. The second best part of this show? Overhearing a customer say to her daughter, while trying on one of our lace tunics, "I am going to buy this because it just makes me feel happy." UGH. Come on, people! Tears over here! Thank you all for always being so supportive and kind. It means the world to us!!!

All in all, it was a very successful weekend. The weather was beautiful, we got to sit in the shade, and eat the best pizza. I even got pooped on by a bird! Not the best thing to ever happen, but it's supposed to mean good fortune, right? Yeah, whatever. It was gross and warm and I may have gagged. You've also probably noticed some new products here that are not yet available in our online store. I am literally photographing these right now and will have them up ASAP!!!

We thought we would seem like living people and make a short little video to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading + watching.

xoxo Kayla