Printing Our Photos with Artifact Uprising

I love capturing photos of Tad on the daily. It's turned into such a normal habit, and I am so grateful for that. I was used to taking lots of photos, even before he was born. However, before that happened, I hardly used the camera on my iPhone. I was a stickler for "real cameras only," read: DSLRs. An iPhone camera would just not cut it for high-quality, memory-worthy photography. Sometimes, I still feel this way. Even as I type this, I am cringing on the inside because I know that I could be snapping just as many photos as I do with my phone on my DSLR. However, my phone is always there, and I have taken some absolutely beautiful and memory-worthy photos with it. Most of my favorites from Tad's first year of life were snapped in the moment and on my phone. 

Which brings me to Artifact Uprising. This company is so, so wonderful. What started as a small business of three, has quickly grown to a team of twenty-seven employees. They strive to create ethical and environmentally friendly prints by using recycled paper. I love that! What initially caught my eye about their company was their high-quality prints from photos taken on the iPhone, specifically Instagram. They have several options for Instagram-friendly prints including photo books, individual square prints, and more. I was sold. My first purchase was this past Christmas. My grandmother had mentioned not having any printed photos of Tad to show guests, and on a whim, I thought the photo book might be a good idea. I could have several photos pulled into one place. The prints were beautiful (taken on an iPhone 5) and my grandmother loved them! Now, I've bought from them multiple times, and the quality is always to perfection.

Today, I am sharing with you some creative ways to display your printed photos. Living in a digital world, it's easy to put this task on the bottom of your list. When I opened my package from Artifact Uprising this past week, I was instantly flooded with memories and happy tears. It was so much more rewarding to hold the photos of my baby in my hands than looking at them on a screen. I was brought back to those moments when the photos were snapped, remembering how I felt holding printed photos of myself as a child, the photos of my parents and ancestors that we still have in albums. Photos are so engaging! I am always blown away by how much a photograph can mean to someone, can mean to me. I don't even have to know the person, but I am instantly drawn in.

Try using a large photo frame with clothespins. This idea works so well with the Square Print Set! By tying or taping some twine to the back of the frame, you can easily clothespin your photos to the strands. It's a crowd pleaser, and you can change the photos out quickly and as often as you like.

I've been placing this Wood Block + Prints set all around the house for the past couple of days. Not only this super affordable, but it's changeable! You get a choice of twelve photos and can change the pictures out depending on your mood. I chose to get some of the photos I've taken on my DSLR and some meaningful close ups. This print is a little bit thicker than the square prints and makes for a great display anywhere in your home.

I found this tree branch in the backyard. It was just knobbed and twisted enough to look perfect displaying my prints! I wrapped it with some yarn (it was a little damp), tied four strands of twine, and let them hang. With metal clamps you can find at an office supply or craft store, I clipped the Square Prints to the twine. This is SO cute, and I love having it in our room. Making this display cost me hardly anything, and I can determine the length (good for toddler-proofing!) and amount of photos (easily interchangeable, again). 

These prints work great on their own as well. I've used them like this many a time. It's nice to see a sweet little photo sitting on a shelf or coffee table. The paper is thick enough to not curl or droop while propped up against something. Can I just say that I LOVE this paper. It's so gorgeous! 

There is something so magical about watching Tad look at these photos of himself and of us. I am curious if he realizes who the cute boy in the photos is, or if he just enjoys seeing another baby, like he does on the television or internet. I think the fact that he can touch the faces on the paper without disturbing the image is much more enjoyable for him. It's more enjoyable for me, at least! I hope this post inspires you to print your photos and enjoy them! They're too precious not to.

xoxo Kayla

This post is affiliated with but not sponsored by Artifact Uprising.