Kayla's Summer Uniform

Kayla's Summer Uniform

It's a new season! Well, almost. It's been really rainy here for the past couple of weeks, and everything has finally blossomed. I am LOVING it. However, I hate summer. I really do. I always struggle when it comes to my wardrobe choices! Let's just be honest here, I love my body, but I hate exposing it. And I am, like, the farthest from being conservative. Most of you aren't around me on a daily basis, but I fart, belch, and talk about poop openly. I usually can't make it ten minutes into a conversation without bringing up poop somehow. It's even worse now that I have a kid. 

Anyway, the point is: I hate revealing summer clothes. I think they're tacky. "You're tacky and I hate you." Those little booty shorts and a spaghetti string tank top? HELL TO THE NO for me. I'm still opening up to thick banded tank tops. Let's just say, we're not close friends. We nod to each other passing on the street and murmur a half-assed hello. Wear jeans, you say? Well, I get hot. Not only am I a farter, I'm a sweater. I sweat very very very easily. And from my forehead of all places. I am a disgusting human, but I'm down with it.

So, here's my dilemma: I want my bits to be covered, but I also want to stay cool. So let's all struggle to create a summer uniform for me this season. Maybe this year I'll get it right. 


  1. Cream Floral - Ralph Lauren Denim
  2. Long Sleeve Denim - Gap
  3. Short Sleeve Denim - Old Navy
  4. Red Shift - Old Navy


  1. Black - Old Navy
  2. Khaki/Olive - Old Navy
  3. Chambray - Old Navy
  4. Tunic (not a romper, but I needed a fourth photo!) - Under A Tin Roof p.s. I am honestly not trying to plug our products; I wear this ALL OF THE TIME. It's so versatile and can layer over anything!


  1. White - Old Navy
  2. Blue Gingham - Old Navy


  1. Boyfriend Crops - Banana Republic
  2. Shorts - Thrifted and distressed by me

I also want some black cigarette pants and overalls... still on the hunt! Any suggestions?


  1. New Balances
  2. Black Sandals (a little loved on)
  3. Lotta's Clogs
  4. Hawaiian Jesus Sandals (ha!!)

As you can see, I found most of my summer wardrobe from Old Navy this year. LOL. I used to hate Old Navy and then they suddenly came out with this linen blend line that is SUPER AFFORDABLE. You get me, Old Navy. I have some other staples in my wardrobe like black shorts, tank tops for layering, plain tees, and simple cardigans. Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your own wardrobe. I don't really know what I would label my style as... Jordan says I have "mom style" so even if you aren't a mom, it's all good. He makes me laugh.

xoxo Kayla

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