Jill's Spring Uniform

Happy Wednesday! It's a little grey and rainy here in Iowa today, so we are staying inside and working on all of our projects. Lots of coffee and Gavin for me! 

I wanted to share my spring wardrobe with you. The reason I entitle it as a "uniform" is due to the fact that I've been wearing a lot of these pieces for a few years now. I've found it's much easier to get ready everyday and also feel really good about my clothing choices when I changed to wearing a uniform instead of purchasing new items every season. Minimizing our things has been such a weight lifted off of my shoulders! Of course, some items get swapped in and out depending on the weather, or if they've become unwearable. For now, this is what I've been wearing on the daily lately. I am still searching for spring shoes, so I am going to share what I've been eyeing online. Let me know if there is anything similar out there that I might like - shoes are so hard to find for me!!


  • "For you the earth brings forth sweet flowers" / (Under A Tin Roof)
  • Brown lace shirt 
  • Black oversized shirt / (Old Navy has some of the best basics! And they're super affordable, too.) similar similar
  • "The creative adult is the child who survived" / (Old design of mine!)

Blouses + Tunics:

  • Linen tunic
  • Lace extender / (coming soon from us!!! perfect for those shirts you love that are a little too short for your taste. I hate when my shirt doesn't cover my behind!)
  • Lace tunic
  • White blouse / (one of my favorites!) similar similar 

Sweaters + Jackets:


It's time for me to head out and find some shoes! Hope you had fun looking into my closet for a bit, and hopefully it can inspire you to create a uniform of your own. All of these pieces are swappable + easy to pair! 

xoxo Jill