Theodore's First Birthday!

We had a little party for Tad's first birthday this past Saturday. There were lots of sweets, friends, and John Deere tractors! Ha! That seemed to be the popular themed gifts this year. So cute and funny!! As per usual, the Haupt ladies threw together all of Tad's birthday decorations, literally, minutes before the party started. I was finishing hand stitching letters to the banner attached to his highchair as people were walking in the door. Everything was made either the day of or day before - something that was common for every single one of my school projects. Pressure makes perfect! Uh, I think?

Most of these decorations were made with things we had lying around the house and studio. You could easily make these without spending hardly a dime or needing very many crafting skills. Read on to find out more!

The moss covered "1" on the wall was made with cardboard boxes cut and hot glued together to shape the number. I purchased a moss mat with a sticky back (usually used to cover ceramic pots) from Hobby Lobby, and we covered the cardboard. Some hot glue was used to make sure it was super secure. This stuff is messy, just a forewarning! I love love love how it turned out. I can foresee moss letters in my future!

The ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling are sheets of tissue paper gathered in the center and fluffed out like you would to make a pom pom ball. We made the pom pom on sticks and birthday hat as well!

I'll be sharing Tad's birthday cake recipe tomorrow, but if you were wondering, it's a banana cake with cream cheese frosting! It tastes just like banana bread. It was so yum. Here are some photos from our day:

I'm so happy everything turned out the way I had hoped it would in my head! But I'm more happy that I have such a wonderful little boy. I am still in awe that this is my life!!!

xoxo Kayla