Felt Food Carrots

Felt Food Carrots

Howdy! As you can see, blogging around here comes in spurts. Three posts a week and then none for the longest of times! What can I say. I've been wanting to do this blog series for a while now, like for over three months, but just have been putting other things ahead of them instead. Then, I debated selling the felt food instead of sharing how I make them, but for now, I'm just enjoying making them for fun. And now you can learn how to make them, too! I've been inspired by looking at a lot of felt food on Pinterest. They're not difficult to figure out how to make if you know the basics of sewing, or even if you don't. My plan is to make enough "fresh" food to fill up a little market stand for Tad's first birthday! 

Today we are making carrots! My favorite place to buy felt right now is the quilting shop in downtown Kalona, Willow Creek. Juanita has lots of really incredible fabric options for quilting, felt crafts, and embroidery! I love the wool felt she has because it has more color depth than a lot of other options I've seen. This particular orange felt I used for the carrot bodies has black felt mixed in, and it makes the carrots look like they have some dirt on them! Rustic everything!

Lets get to making! NOTE: this particular craft is not necessarily baby-friendly. I did not make sure that they were safe for little ones to handle. Pieces could come loose, depending on how they are sewn. Mine are probably more art pieces than anything! 

Here's what you'll need to make them: 

  • Felt! In green and orange. I prefer wool felt. It's much better quality than the regular craft felt at the store, but you can use that, too, if you want! Whatever works for you, works for me.
  • Embroidery thread in orange and green. Contrasting shades are nice!
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Paper (for the pattern) 
  • Stuffins!! 

STEP ONE // As you can see, my patterns are just kind of... whatever. I just draw what I think will work and then go with it. You are welcome to copy what I've done! You'll need a large cone/triangle shape, a heart-like leaf shape (cut out two), and a spiky circle. I would recommend making the spiky circle's body a little thicker than the spikes since you will be making a slit in the center!

STEP TWO// Fold your carrot body in half, hot dog way, and sew up the side. Turn inside out. It may take a little elbow grease and the eraser side of pencil to push out the pointy end! "Stick 'em with the pointy end!" or something like that. Fill up with stuffins.

Then, using a simple gather stitch, stitch around the top of the carrot body, and gather it up! 

STEP THREE // The leaves. I hate the leaves. Bleh.  

I choose to make only one. I've done radishes with multiple leaves, and you could do the carrot that way, too. I just don't enjoy making them, so you carrots only get one. Anyway, do whatever you want! This is just a simple guide; your creativity is endless! 

You're going to make a decorative stitch on opposite sides of each leaf, to mimic the leaf's veins. Make sure it's on opposite sides!!!! Because you will be putting the ugly sides of the embroidery back to back, and stitching around the edges. And there's one leaf!

STEP FOUR // Taking the spiky circle, make a length-wise slit in the center of the body. Slip this piece over the bottom end of the leaf you just made. Next, securely stitch the bottom end of the leaf to the gathered end of the carrot body. Then make some little stitches around the slit of the spiky circle! This is mainly just a way to cover up the ugly stitching of the attached leaf end and the top of the carrot! When everything is stitched together, you're done! Easy peasy.


STEP FIVE // Question your sanity as you listen to the, "Hot Dog Song" in the background so your kid will sit like a sane person for these photos. You can probably skip this step.  

I hope you enjoy your felt carrots!! Please don't eat. Not real food. 

xoxo Kayla

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