Merry Christmas 2016 from Under A Tin Roof!

Hello! Merry Christmas Eve!! Here is hoping that you and your family have a wonderful holiday. We will be heading to Chicago to spend the day with family, and then I am off to the Florida Keys to enjoy a week long vacation away - gasp!! I am so excited/nervous but mostly excited. And then after the holidays we are excited to bring our Spring 2017 ideas to life. Eek!! 
Jill has been thinking of taking over the blog the week after Christmas, but no promises. Keep an eye out, because that will be so fun!! 


Merry Merry! Happy Happy! Have a good one, sweet friends.

xoxo Kayla + The Haupt Family

Tad's Bonnet // Turtleneck c/o Fin + Vince // Knit Pants c/o Fin + Vince // Blanket c/o Rise and Kind