10 Quick + Easy Handmade Gift Ideas!

Hello my holiday procrastinators!! This week is the final lap to gather up your gifts and most online shops have reached their Christmas delivery deadline. What's a gal to do? Perhaps you've forgotten that one odd person in your life, a co-worker or a teacher, maybe you're struggling to find something to give to the person who you can just never figure out what to get them. We've all been there; I'm still there this year! But I've been going back through my DIYs and realizing there are lots of fun things that I can make and give as gifts in less than 24 hours. That's always a bonus, right? Below is a list of some of my favorite do-it-yourself projects we've shared on the blog this year and all things that would make lovely gifts for any person in your life. Click the photos below to see more or check out the list underneath. I hope you find something fun to make!