DIY Simple, Natural Christmas Decorations

Christmas is almost here, and we have been seeing so many adorable holiday crafts happening on our favorite blogs and all over Instagram! It's been such an inspiring season, and we wanted to try our hand at making some unique Christmas decorations this season. In years past, we've usually made felt ornaments, which I love doing, but just haven't sat down to do yet. To be honest, I feel like I haven't sat down in 20-or-so-months... hint hint. Thankfully I was able to take a pause and make some super cute little decorations to stick about the house, and I love how they turned out! You only need a few supplies for each of these, and they'll only take an evening to make. Here's how to make three types of holiday trees and a mini cranberry wreath. 
Side note: I was totally inspired to make this wreath by A Beautiful Mess. You can see the full tutorial on their blog; I simply added my own touches! It was so fun!!

I decided to make a few little trees using paper mache cones found at the craft store. I made three different kinds: one covered in poms, a few with yarn, and one covered in cranberries. They turned out so cute! Below are the some supplies you'll need to make all of them.


  • Paper mache cones in different sizes
  • Craft paint (I used white, green, and red)
  • Paint brushes
  • Hot glue
  • White pom poms (I used cotton balls, much cheaper)
  • Green, white, and/or red yarn
  • 1 bag of Cranberries
  • Brown craft paper 


I decided to make three different kinds of trees! First, I painted all of the cones. I knew I had green and white yarn, so I painted a couple of cones green and couple white. For the cranberry cone, I painted it red. Basically, you want to paint your cones a similar color to what you plan to cover them with, just in case some cone peeks out underneath. 
Next, using hot glue, I covered the cones with my yarn, cotton balls, and cranberries. It's really a simple and fun little craft! It was a bit time consuming, but there's not much thought happening here. When you're all done covering the cones, cut out a few stars from brown craft paper and glue them to the top. And that's it! Stick them in all the little nooks and crannies around your home. I am loving my cranberry tree in the kitchen!

As for my cranberry wreath, I bought a styrofoam wreath from the floral center in our local craft store. It took me about 2 bags worth of cranberries (just because most of them are too soft to use). I wrapped the wreath with red fabric and hot glued each cranberry to the fabric. Using a couple of wood craft balls, I painted them white and placed them within the cranberries. I am loving how it turned out! To see the full tutorial, visit A Beautiful Mess's blog

How are you using natural decor this year? We are loving it! It makes our home feel so festive without the hassle. You can learn how to make the wood stars pictured above here. I would love to see photos of your creations! Feel free to send them our way (: Have fun making!

xoxo Kayla