A Delicious Winter Coffee

This past weekend we took a family trip out to Barnes Tree Farm in Iowa City to pick out our tree. I suppose that's one of the perks of living in farm country - U-Pick Farms are pretty easy to find! It was exactly what I needed to get my mind in the right place for the holidays. I am really excited to write for the blog for the month of December!! There are so many wonderful holiday ideas floating around in my head, though this year I find myself definitely wanting to slow down and enjoy it day by day. In the past, we usually pile up all of our Christmas celebration until the very end of the month, shop for gifts the day before, and try to fit everything in on the day of. It's stressful, and my outlook on celebrating the season has completely changed this year. We really want to try and start new traditions, to set aside time in the evenings to put away work, spend time together baking or making ornaments and watching a Christmas movie. And we don't really want to give gifts this year; I plan on making every person in our immediate family a handmade gift and that's it. I am really excited for that! I also want to do a fun celebration on the Winter Solstice this year (which is December 21st) and be thankful for nature, as it has come in and changed my life so positively this year. However you celebrate, make sure to slow down and spend some time being thankful and reflecting - it feels so good!

We picked out our tree, a white pine, chopped her down ourselves (well, my dad did the chopping. I did the documenting, mom did the pulling, and Tad did the instructing! We're a team.) and brought her home. She was a little too tall for our ceiling... a typical Griswold Family Christmas! After some careful thought and debate, we decided to name her Aretha. Next year we'll pick a B name. It makes things easier for our excited and creative brains, trust me. The next day we baked cookies and decorated her, making sure to take note of some new decorations that need to be made this year. While enjoying decking the halls, I thought I would enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Several months ago I discovered the magic of placing a sprig of rosemary in my cup o' joe. SO GOOD. It already tastes like winter magic, but why not kick it up a notch? For a magical winter wonderland coffee, place one sprig of fresh rosemary and one peppermint stick in your coffee. It is the perfect addition to getting in the holiday spirit while you're decorating and making. How are you celebrating this year? I hope you're having a great holiday and are excited to begin! 

xoxo Kayla

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