Chicago Botanic Garden

Happy Monday, all! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was wonderful! I made the entire meal myself, so let's just say I was mostly sweaty and a whole lot of happy. I love cooking a meal for our family; I always feel really accomplished, especially when no one speaks while chowing down. That's how you know it's good!! A little while ago, we took a trip to the northern suburbs of Chicago and visited the Chicago Botanic Gardens. As much as I miss Chicago and having some "normal" stores around (like the mall!!), being back in the suburbs was a reminder of how much I truly love country living. There's no rush out here, no schedule, no agenda except for the one that I make for myself. I have officially converted!
It was interesting to realize that even though we were so close to the city, we still wanted to escape to a place with beautiful, natural surroundings. We were so inspired on this trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens, especially in the vegetable garden section!! There were a lot of ideas that were perfect for us; it was just what we needed to get motivated and reminded that we can make our ideal kitchen garden a reality.

It was a perfectly beautiful trip, chilled and moody! I love days where we can layer up, take a walk, and be perfectly comfortable in our environment. Tad had so much fun exploring and running free. Those are the best places to go, where I don't have to constantly be telling him not to touch something, not to get in someone's way. It's probably good that we went on a chillier day in the beginning of the week; no one was in sight! We had the place all to ourselves. Along with our trip, I am also sharing my thoughts on healing with nature with Mamalode over on Hyland's Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts today! Be sure to take a look! (:

xoxo Kayla