DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments - Wood Stars

A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to get rid of all of our Christmas decor. The minimal movement was just starting, we were about to move from Illinois to Texas, and we just didn't want to pack up all of the various decor items we had collected. I distinctly remember sitting with my mother in our foyer and digging through at least 20 rubbermaid bins, each of us pulling out painted angels, glittered ornaments, velvet bows, and twinkle lights. Back and forth we would agree, "Toss. Toss. Toss!" It felt a bit sad, but when it was all done it was liberating. Even better? When we moved and Christmas arrived, we had forgotten about all of the decorations we had discarded months before, which made us realize none of them had really been that important to begin with. When we lived in our old Victorian home in Illinois, Christmas was magical and grand. Our tree was twelve feet high and adorned with red and gold every year, glitter and bows and gold plated leaves. There were angels in red velvet dresses placed about the tree. It felt like I was living in The Nutcracker as a child, but that ship sailed, and we weren't sure how we wanted to theme Christmas that first year in Texas. 
We wanted simplicity, though I don't think we quite knew how to achieve that yet. In our minds, simple meant rustic and rustic obviously meant "woodland", right? I know, I'm shaking my head and laughing a bit, too. It was our first attempt at a minimal Christmas, and there are still decorations that we made by hand that year that I will keep forever and bring out every holiday. This year, I think I finally know what simple and minimal Christmas decor means to me: natural. I want to keep all of our decor made from nature and seasonal. Squashes tucked in places and eaten later, evergreens beautifully preserved and used as garland and wreaths, a few ornaments and trinkets from my childhood dispersed about the house. I want our holiday to feel like Little Women without the bows and glitter and brightly lit stars.

The year that we had woodland decorations, we made stars out of twigs we found about the yard. I still love those! And they were so easy to make. I figured now was the perfect time to start making natural ornaments if that's the route you are planning to go. The frost has not yet come and there are still several colored plants hanging about. Next week I'll be sharing a natural autumn leaf garland with you, so start collecting leaves now!! I am so excited to share our tree, but for now, making ornaments sounds like a fun way to spend my evenings. 


  • Small sticks and twigs (the thicker the better)
  • Twine/Cotton Thread
  • Hot glue (optional)


  • These are really so simple, I feel a bit silly giving you directions! Once you have collected enough twigs and/or sticks, making sure they are a bit thicker so that they do not snap easily, you will want to position them into a star shape. The best way to do this is to picture the star doodle you might have drawn as a kid with five points and crosses in the center.
  • Begin to tie your star at its intersecting points and at the places where the outer points meet. Doing a figure eight wrap around the inner points I found works best. If you want, you could hot glue the star at the inner points to make them easier to assemble. That way the twigs won't be fumbling about while you try and tie them! Clip off the extra ends of the string.
  • When your star is assembled, tie a loop at the top point so that you can hang it on your tree. That's it! Easy as pie.

"You Are So Loved" Print by Invited by Audriana

I just love this style of ornament. It blends into the evergreen so perfectly and is such a warming touch to your natural decor. This would be such a fun project to work on with the kiddos, too! And I think they would look lovely in all sorts of places other than your tree. Have fun making and look out for more natural decor DIYS this season! (:

xoxo Kayla