Apple Picking with Gathre + A Giveaway!

All of my life, I have been an excellent procrastinator. I am exceptional at telling myself that I still have time to finish something and then flawlessly pull it all together at the last minute. It's a gift and a curse, and I find that the more I meet creative people, the more that that particular trait is something we have in common. And this unfortunate personality trait occurs in all aspects of my life, not just my creative business. I can put off taking a shower or figuring out the perfect time to have breakfast in such a lovely fashion. And I am beginning to notice exactly why my procrastination exists... I have too many ideas! That's right; just when I think that my mind is blocked with the right thing to do, the right thing to make, the right thing to write, it all stems back to my mind bursting with ideas. Let's take for instance the huge show we have coming up (Country Living Fair, check it out). I have a dedicated plan about how many woven and embroidered pieces that I want to bring with, and this morning I found myself huddled in front of the computer attempting to knit a baby sock. What are you doing, Kayla? Get yourself together! Your writers' block is happening because all you can think about is how you would love to start a writing a blog post about how you want to decorate the house for Christmas. This is a real issue, people.
Anybody else deal with this? I think I will call it creative-somnia = brain cannot stop thinking about new ideas and throws the current ones out the window. When this happens, I know that means that my mind needs a break. I need time to just not think about anything and remind myself why my current projects are important, why they initially inspired me, and then it's time to get back on the grind. I find that the best place to do this is outside, in the fresh air, enjoying time just watching the world and not thinking about anything. Cooking tends to help, too. I can always clear my head while I'm cooking.

On a particular mind-muddled day, Jill and I packed Tad into the car and drove out to Wilson's Orchard. The day was chilly and overcast, the perfect time, in my opinion, to relax and get some really great photos. Also the best time to go out and enjoy an attraction because hardly anyone will be there. Which is exactly what happened! We wandered into the main barn to find few people inside and some warm, fresh apple turnovers calling our names. After buying a couple, we hiked up and down the rolling hills of the orchard and found the perfect spot to camp out and eat our turnovers and maybe a few apples, too.
It's been so fun taking Tad to the orchard the couple of times that we have been this year. He loves that he can just eat apples to his heart's content and nobody has to tell him no. I feel that a lot of my own stress has been coming from commandeering this little boy as well. We've been a bit frustrated with each other lately, not quite understanding what the other person wants. It's a good thing I love him with all of my heart! 

Here we are again with the farm cats! I have a really vivid memory of being a little girl, maybe four or five, and going to a local pumpkin farm with my parents. There were barn kittens wandering around, and I carried one with me for the entire day while we picked out pumpkins, ate food, shopped, and played around. And I remember being extremely upset when we left knowing that I could not take it home with me. Even today, I still feel that little pang of hurt when we have to say goodbye to any farm cats we meet. They're always so friendly as they are around children and people all day! Ugh, if we had time to care for a cat and if Tad was a little bit older, I would have scooped this kitty up in my basket! Just kidding, but that cat is seriously the sweetest!

While we sat and enjoyed the hilly orchard, the loveliness of the fallen apples, and the chilly air blocked by our warm knits, I was so thankful for the gorgeous leather mat that Gathre gifted to us. Gathre is a small company started by a woman who wanted to find a better solution for the blanket they often used to sit and eat outside. As I'm sure many of you know, blankets tend to dirty quickly, easily become wet, and are bulky to carry. I've always hated dragging a blanket around for situations like these. This mat is so light and thin, I just folded it up nice and neat in my diaper bag/backpack, with plenty of room for everything else I carry (maybe it's time for a diaper bag tour!). But the best part about this mat? We could sit in the slightly damp + muddy grass without getting wet and/or muddy at all. And the mat wiped away completely clean! No washing involved. I mean, it doesn't get better than that, right? I just ran a baby wipe over the top, folded it back up in my pack, and we were ready to head home. It was gloriously easy. Thank you, Gathre

In the end, I found my mind perfectly cleared and ready to gear up for my next hustle. Time to get those weavings all finished up! Tad only had a couple of meltdowns, but quickly realized that apples taste amazing when you're calm and even better when you're happy, especially with some tickles from mama. I can feel the leaves about to change colors over here; I am just waiting for that amazing pop of color to spring out at us! We cannot believe that it is October already. We had such a fun time at the apple orchard relaxing, and our mat from Gathre made our lives that much easier so there was no fuss or worry when it came to eating and cleaning up afterwards. Any product that can do that is a winner in my book. You can shop my Gathre mat here or check out the rest of their shop here. We're having a giveaway over on Instagram where you could win $40 towards a leather mat of your own along with our bumblebee onesie and knit gnome bonnet! Or you can use the code "UNDERATINROOF" at checkout for 15% off your purchase. The code is good through October 15th! 
Our giveaways ends October 7th at Midnight CST. We will pick a winner on Saturday and share to Instagram! Thanks for reading (:

xoxo Kayla

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