Signs of Autumn

Every day I try to make sure that Tad and I get out of the house. Now that we have reached the end of October, the air is much chillier, and we can begin to wear thicker knits and warm hats. I can feel the change of temperature making itself comfortable in the air and know that we will soon need coats and mittens. I have so many items on my list of "things to knit" I am not sure I will ever get them accomplished! But I can dream, right? 
Lately venturing out for walks has been much more entertaining than this past summer. The leaves are quickly changing and you can feel that magic spark all around. I've discussed this many times (I'm sure you are aware by now that autumn is my favorite season). I just can't believe how fast it went by this year! Time is so, so fleeting the older I become. I figured the last week of October was as good of a time as any to capture some of my favorite little spots around town. While I walked, Tad scooted along on his tractor, and I snapped photos. Whenever we would approach a street crossing, he made  sure to book it to the other side all the while shouting, "Car, car, car!!" at the top of his lungs, even if no one was around, which is 99% of the time. I like that about Kalona. Nothing ever happens here, and that means no one is ever around to ask me what I'm taking pictures of. Does that make me a bad person? I just enjoy taking photos without someone asking me about them! Anyway, I am rambling. Here are some photos of autumn around town.

Somehow we always make it over to the sale barn. I blame Tad completely for that one... ha ha. I find all aspects of farm life fascinating. The Kalona Sale Barn is a really great way to see different livestock in a rather real setting without feeling as if you're at a petting zoo. Petting zoo animals always make me feel sad, well, so do regular zoo animals, too. If you want, you can sit and watch the animals get auctioned off to farmers, or, if you're like me, you can wander to the back of the barn where they hold the livestock before their big debut. Having Tad with me is generally my excuse for why I'm there if anybody asks, and nobody ever does (they just give me quizzical looks instead) so it's all good. It's just a fun little way of getting to see real cows, sheep, goats, horses, and chickens up close! And it reminds me why we're so lucky to live where we do. If you're ever in the area, this is a great place to stop and experience real country living. They serve a wonderful breakfast and lunch, and twice a year they have an exotic animal show!

Oh, this season is just not long enough, but we are soaking it all in as much as we can. Today we're carving pumpkins and making something with pumpkin in it. What are some of your favorite autumn traditions?

xoxo Kayla