Autumn Home Trends at Country Living Fair

If you're new to visiting our blog, we participated in our very first Country Living Fair last weekend. It was a blast, and we learned so much! You can read more about our experience here. 
While we were there, in the early mornings before the show started, Jill and I had a chance to make a quick trip around the show (well, not quick, there were over 200 vendors!!) and check everything out. The booths there were amazing! There was so much to see it made sense when we learned that shoppers could buy tickets for the entire weekend. We met several people that had traveled across the states just to come see the show and stay for the weekend! 
While we worked our booth, it was fascinating and entertaining as well to see not only the elaborate junking outfits people were wearing but also what they were carrying. This inspired me to do a little post on home trends we noticed happening at the fair! There were a lot of junk vendors around, and it seemed like almost every shopper was walking around with one or more of these items in their bags! 

Tiny pumpkins everywhere! This is not a new idea, but it is one that I've seen making its way across Instagram as well as in real life. Tiny white pumpkins are all the rage right now! And they're a perfect decor item because you can stick them just about anywhere and feel wonderfully festive. Need something pretty to line your open shelving? Mini pumpkin. Is your coffee table looking bare for the season? Tiny pumpkin. And the best part? You can eat them when you're done! This year I've become really fascinated by recyclable and natural decor. Using various pumpkins, gourds, and squashes in your home is a wonderful way to celebrate all aspects of the season by either eating or using the vegetables for compost. Need an idea for recipes to use your mini pumpkins for? Check out this blog post by Kitchn! And don't forget about heirloom pumpkins as well.

What to put your pumpkins in? These vintage dough bowls, of course! Everyone had a long dough bowl in their arms at the fair. It's the perfect way to decorate your long farm table! I loved the natural colored ones the most. If we had a table to put one on, I would have grabbed a couple up for myself. Our house is such a mess right now (and not because it's not clean). These would look so beautiful filled with seasonal decor all year long. And when we ask people about them, most grandmas still have a couple on hand - so give your granny a ring to see if she kept hers!
If you're wondering what those little planters/candle holders are, they're sugar troughs! We were confused, too, but it must be a southern thing. I've been trying to Google them, but I can't seem to find anything similar to these. They were really shallow, so not good for actual plants, but I could see fakes being displayed here. Or it could make a cute place to display beeswax candles or even... tiny pumpkins! Seriously, everywhere. If anyone knows anything about what these were once used for, I would love to know!

Repurposed wood + cotton. If I had a dollar for every person I saw toting around cotton sprigs... well, you know the rest of that equation. I already have a few sprigs for myself in our home along with a gorgeous wreath made from them. I saw one for sale for over $50!! I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. I believe it was around $40 but was 50% off because they're always having sales. Worth it! If you do a little digging, I'm sure you could find the perfect cotton wreath. My friend even made her own! Here is my cotton wreath and here is one I found on Amazon. 
Natural wood was also something I saw a lot of while wandering around the show! And I really liked it. I found myself gravitating towards the booths that were filled with natural decor and stepping back from anyone using milk paint or chalk paint. Not sure if this is still too new of trend, but I thought it really brought out a rich, simple, and elegant tone to the displays while still keeping it feeling repurposed and modern. 

The decor at this fair was definitely geared towards southern living, which of course, the show was located in Georgia. I did not see much classic Americana around, which is definitely what I feel I am more interested in! Where my vintage American Flag and Shaker Peg people at? Yeah! I loved all of the vintage flour sack and blue pinstriped pillows lying around. I seriously need a home of my own to decorate! Again, just peering into these booths, there was a lot of recycled nature!!

Some of the above photos are the from the featured vendor, South Porch, within the Country Living General Store. Their booth was incredible! Filled with vintage silver and white feathers everywhere. I really loved the way they displayed the feathers; it was definitely a show stopper when paired with the silver. 
Did you see anything new that caught your eye? I definitely did! We love catching up on interesting home decor. What are some new trends you've been seeing a lot of?

xoxo Kayla