On Sass Family Farm

A friend recently told me that the way I write about Tad online makes him appear super chill, which I find hysterical because he is anything but. Well, maybe on a sleepy day. Lately we have hit a period of chaos! This child is constantly on the move - he has been since conception, let's be honest. He would kick and punch and elbow and hiccup all. the. time. And when he was born it was no different. Even now, as he sits on my lap while I type, he is trying to place his feet on the desk and changing positions and twisting around to face me and then the computer and then the window... it's a war of the limbs on the daily at our house. And I suppose when I write about our lives or his personality, it's easier for me to write about the traits pulled from a simple moment, and generally my favorite moments to share are the calmer, quieter, explorative ones rather than the utter chaos we tend to generate. Tad just does not like to be still, and that fact reigns true in our photos from the pumpkin farm.

We arrived, and he was off to check out the baby cows. Sass Family Farm is a great location for families with young children. A quaint little farm, many of the activities are free, geared towards littles, and just the right amount of cheesy. Not to mention that they have several pens for viewing their various animals, which is always our favorite part. I think I like this farm so much because I never feel like I have to spend a ton of money. Our favorite activities and family outings are always ones that are either free or do not require more than $20. 
The cows were happily munching on their feed, their many sheep out lying in the pasture. We decided to take a walk through their haunted barn, which was entirely kid friendly. Tad did not like that part very much, but I am assuming it was because he knew there were more fun things to explore outside! 

Last year, we took a photo similar to the one above with the measuring wall. He was so tiny then and couldn't even stand on his own! Now he runs and leaps and jumps and wrestles and kicks and rolls wherever he goes. If this kid isn't interested in sports when he's older, I will be shocked. He's getting put in something when he's old enough, or else I am going to go crazy! At least I'm getting a good workout, right?!
And then Tad discovered the tiny farmhouse again. He fell in love with it when we visited the farm earlier this month, and I spent a good half hour watching him play inside of it. I am sure he could have spent even more time inside during this trip! It definitely makes me want to purchase a small playhouse of our own, but then I begin to wonder if he would get tired of it because it belongs to him. Does he just enjoy this playhouse because it's at this special location? Either way, it was the cutest watching him play inside a house just his size!

My favorite part of any farm trip will always be the animals. When I picture my dream home, this little farm is just the perfect size for what I would want. A seasonal location for families to visit, a few animals to raise that are for my own enjoyment and not for any monetary gain. Raising chickens and a few sheep sounds just perfect to me! Maybe when I become a millionaire - ha! 
Isn't that grey chicken so cool? If I am correct, after my not-so-intense Google search, it's an Araucana, which means they lay blue and green eggs!!! I would like twenty, please! They're extremely jumpy, though. Not so sure if I like that!

And after the animals came lots of trucks, tractors, and some R+R in the corn crib. Sitting in that giant pile of corn kernels was actually really relaxing! I could have slept in there, but probably more so from my lack of sleep than its level of comfortableness. It was a gorgeous day, warm in the sun and beautifully chilled in the shade. No bugs, no sweat, and no tears (mostly). I love being able to just get out of the house for an hour or two, even if we're not doing anything too crazy. This life out in the country is a beautiful one; I love taking Tad for walks and seeing everyone's porches filled with heirloom pumpkins, gourds, squashes, and mums. Kalona has appeared to be very natural with their decor, which is a total win in my book! This season is a magical one. Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts!

xoxo Kayla