My Favorite Free Knitting Patterns

As soon as the heat broke last week, it was within minutes that I began pulling out all of my sweaters and various knits. This time of year is my absolute favorite!! There is nothing better than several layers of shirts and topping them off with gorgeous, chunky knits. I learned how to knit about four years ago after I was inspired to give knitting the Fourth Doctor's scarf a go. I feel like my geeky side doesn't come out as often as it should online, but I am really into fandoms and video games and books and television shows and movies... I mean. It's a thing. Just wait until you see Tad and my Halloween costumes this year! Last year, we went as the Wicked Witch and a flying monkey. Perfection. 
Back to knitting... so I taught myself to knit the Fourth Doctor's Scarf and from there began experimenting with other knitting patterns. I have a lot more to learn; I still have not attempted sweaters or any other articles of actual clothing. My only skills right now are within the accessory range, but I am currently knitting Tad this sweater! When it comes to knitting, I sometimes forget that I can make myself items. Since we have started selling knits, I haven't really had the chance to make things just for us, if that makes sense? I feel like that's the problem with all makers! You make something really wonderful for yourself, figure you can sell it, and then eventually begin to hate it. Well, this autumn/winter, I am making it my goal to knit Tad and myself some beautiful pieces (and not sell them) and also knit my family members gifts for Christmas! So here are some of my favorite free knitting patterns that you can enjoy, too!

This adorable pixie bonnet! I love the chevron look to these stitches! 

These hilarious boot socks. The worst part about patterns, for me anyway, is it takes a lot of imagination to picture them in the color/style I would like best. I think these could be really gorgeous in a cream or oatmeal color. Anything that works well on the farm is a win in my book! Speaking of books, Farm to Needle is a great book for farm-related knitting patterns! I really want to get my hands on it.

Baby socks! My new favorite project. I can't wait to knit up some of these for Tad!!

How cute is this sweater?! And I think it works perfect for a little girl or boy!

I am a sucker for great gloves, and these hand warmers are just the things for my taste. They are called 'Fisherman's Gloves' and I can totally picture them in that setting. Anything slightly masculine and vintage-styled is perfection in my opinion.

This knit shrug inspired by Season 1 of Outlander. I have been meaning to make this, and it looks super easy, too!! 

This shawl/wrap is also Outlander inspired and looks absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, I love anything that is farm/vintage/medieval inspired. I just want to clip herbs and stare at the hills in these knits!

Thanks for reading and have fun knitting!

xoxo Kayla