What We've Been Up To

What We've Been Up To

Hello! Sunday seems to always be our slow day around the Haupt House. Our routine usually includes "big breakfast" aka the works:  farm fresh eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, bacon and/or sausage and lots of coffee! Then we all just lounge like the potatoes we are and try to finish up some projects we've all been struggling to finish during the week - more people home means there's always someone to watch Tad. 

Since I (Kayla) am writing this particular post, most of these photos are going to be of Tad because, well, that's what most of the photos I take are of! So, sorry if you are not a fan of baby spam, but that's just what is about to happen! (;

We have been seriously so overwhelmed within the past couple of weeks with the positivity our business has seen! Especially in these winter months after the holidays! We hosted our first brand enthusiast search last week, and it went over so well. Thank you so much to all of the incredible women who entered and to those who we chose to represent our brand! We are working now to get products out to all of them so we can see them and their sweet babies in our items! If you are confused at all, on our Instagram we were able to hold a small contest to find some women and their children to do some photography/modeling for Under A Tin Roof. The contest brought in 400+ followers to our little page - how amazing is that?!

I traveled to Illinois this past week to visit my grandmother and some friends. It was much needed! Jill stayed home to bust her guts out at the sewing table with no little distractions (Ahem. Theodore.). While I was there, I learned some new-to-me sewing techniques. Super fun! Thanks, gram! 

This one is titled, "When your baby is napping and you can think of so many things you could accomplish right now but all you do is take a bunch of bad selfies and stare into space." Why do I do this to myself, mamas?! Tell me, why!!

Now we are back home in Iowa, spending the day relaxing. Or trying to! Tad is teething like crazy, and just when I think he's feeling better, I end up being WRONG. Always. We can do this! In case you were wondering what my desk looks like... covered in yarn and other endless junk. And also notes taped to my wall - that's not embarrassing! 

Oh, and FYI, we are also holding a GIVEAWAY on our Instagram account right now. You could win one bonnet of your choice if you enter TODAY. Today is the last day, and you must have an Instagram account to enter! Go check it out!!! Details on how to enter are listed there (:

We are busy, busy, and hopefully I can bust out a few blog posts this week! We shall see. You know how that goes. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a great week! Cheers!!

xoxo Kayla

Around the Studio

Around the Studio

Amish Shopping:  Stringtown Grocery

Amish Shopping: Stringtown Grocery