A (Stylish) Farm Girl's Uniform for Surviving This Winter

Hello! This is sort of a first for me, writing on what I like to put on my body everyday. I definitely think about this a lot! clothing is a way to express yourself creatively and easily every single day. I’ve never labeled my style, but I would say that based on what I do every day, it would be something like this:  “minimal, classic, mom, and out on the farm!” that works, right?

shirt, jeans, puppy (just kidding)

Capsule wardrobes, uniforms, and the 5-piece french style wardrobe were all really popular in 2015. and I loved all of those ideas! My mom and I each tried doing a capsule wardrobe, which really helped us clean out our closets of things we didn’t need before our move to Iowa. Since then, my style (and closet) has evolved into what I am about to share with you today. 

The thing about all of these, “perfect wardrobes” on pinterest, that I’ve seen, is the lack of an option for a mom out in the middle of nowhere! There are lots of options for women of the city, but hardly any for women who don’t walk the streets of NYC/Chicago/LA every day nor have the need to wear heels to brunch. Well, look no further! this is what I have been wearing lately, and it is the perfect solution to a very minimalistic problem. With that being said, I apologize ahead of time for the consistency of the stores where I purchase my clothing. I am a creature of shopping habit, what can I say.

- - - 

note:  I am a work-from-home, nursing mother. My days consist of knitting on my sofa, taking photos for/of our blog/business/my kid, picking up my son, putting my son down, nursing, napping, diaper changes, running errands, taking walks around town/country roads. I need clothes that can be played in and have easy access to a breast if the need arises. If you are also in this boat, or on one next to it, then I think this post can help you feel like you can get ready in the morning! No more need for sweatpants or pajamas or just plain ol’ blah!!

also note:  I did not photograph some of the basic staples I use on a day to day basis, such as: 

  • a plain t-shirt in white, grey, black
  • leggings in black, grey
  • socks and undies


  1. chambray (old american eagle) similar
  2. olive gingham
  3. striped tee (old forever 21) similar, similar
  4. linen tunic (by us!)



I am LIVING in sweaters this season. It has been so quick and easy. Slap a pair of jeans on and a perfectly fluffy, roomy neutral colored sweater and I'll tap dance for ya. 

  1. olive poncho  
  2. giant brown cardigan (gonzo from banana republic) similar  
  3. grey sweater (also gonzo) similar
  4. white turtleneck  (also add black turtleneck, found here)



  1. black skinnies  
  2. brown (khaki?) somethings 
  3. skinnies with a surged cuff (!!) similar (I am loving these) similar
  4. boyfriend jeans, similar  




I hardly have been wearing any dresses for the past nine months, one because most dresses don't offer easy access to nurse and two it's bitter freaking cold out. However, these two dresses both button up the front, so I am liking them for that. Thank you, ladies. 

  1. green/blue gingham flannel beauty (I couldn't find anything similar to this!!)
  2. lady in black, similar




it's all about them boots. 

  1. heeled boots (old aldo) similar
  2. black booties
  3. wellies  (these are the BEST. I love my Hunters and they love me.)
  4. ruffled boots (I got these a couple of years ago at DSW. they're by Betsy Johnson, and the only similar ones I've seen were at Anthropologie last year, but they don't have anything like them now. I did, however, find this exact pair on eBay here.)



  1. coat super warm (gap just came out with this coat at the beginning of the season and now I can't find it on their website, but there are several similar ones, here, here, here
  2. hat, (really old) similar
  3. gloves

And that's a wrap! It seems sort of silly now that I've written it all out, but I love reading/seeing what people's capsule/seasonal/uniform wardrobes look like. It gives me some insight into their personality, inspiration for my own closet, and introduces me to some new stores I'd never thought to look at before. I hope you got something out of it as well! Thanks for reading (:

xoxo Kayla

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