A New Studio in Iowa

My husband - I can not thank him enough for all that he does to help run this small business! No matter where we go, he always makes sure that we have a space for the studio. When we found this property in Kalona, Iowa it was obvious that this small garage/shed would be perfect for the future "Jillian Haupt & Co." place of business. Trust me, I know how lucky I am that all I have to say is, "Do you think we can do that?" and magically (ok, well not magically. It's more like, cuts, bruises, loud crashing sounds and a few swear words later) there's an amazing product in the end! Here's the building before we really started anything.

First he added a section to the back of the building for his tools. This way he can cut wood and make a bit of a mess that won't interfere with the machines in front.

Did I mention that Kurt hates, and I mean hates heights. The last thing he wanted to do was install any roofing. But he's hard working and stubborn, and yup, he did this part anyway! 

The building had blue vinyl siding on it that was pretty old and beat up, so we tore it off and low and behold, more blue underneath!!! It's a shame that the original wood siding can't just be painted, but we had several damaged spots and it also has some big openings between boards. Not so good for those brutal winters ahead! We will be putting up new siding within the next few weeks.

We are going to try and utilize some of the original pieces as art in the new building.

It's been a bit rainy the last couple days, but it's not stopping Kurt! He's busy framing out where the new windows & french doors will go. You can see that the new tin roof has been installed (truth be told, he found a crew to install the roof and thank goodness for that. I don't want to see him out there laying in the yard!) Not too much longer and then I can start helping more with the inside.  

Here's a shot from the inside. Once we tear out the loft, it should feel completely different inside.  I can't wait!!

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