Goodbye Texas, Hello IOWA!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything and there was a reason....

The Haupt family has moved AGAIN! I was waiting for the Texas house to be sold and for us to get settled before laying it all out there. Texas was a fun adventure, but we decided to follow our hearts and move north. Deep down we just know our family belongs in the Midwest. Sometimes it takes moving over a thousand miles away to figure that out, and that's ok!

After lots of discussion on where in the Midwest we should relocate, it ended up being pretty easy to decide on Kalona, Iowa. Located 15 miles south of Iowa City, Kalona is a small town to say the least (roughly 2,400 people) and is also home to a thriving Amish community.   

It's filled with beautiful landscapes everywhere you look:  rolling hills, manicured gardens, majestic farms, and dairy cows EVERYWHERE!  

The second HUGE reason to move to Kalona was to be closer to family! Both of my parents lived in Iowa before I even came along. My dad was raised in Kalona, so most of my relatives on his side still live here. It's kind of fun to meet new people and say, "Yeah, I know so and so, that's my cousin" or "that's my Aunt & Uncle." I've never been able to do that growing up! 

And we are only about 3 hours away from Chicago, so that's a bonus too!

The other big determining factor was that Kayla found the perfect school to attend, The University of Iowa! It's only 15 minutes away, so she will be able to be a full time student. We are so excited for her!

So far we have been here for a couple months and it already feels like home.  There is so much to do and explore and I can't wait to share all of our adventures!

Want to house hunt with me? House walking tour in downtown Kalona, Iowa

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