Our First Market in Texas!

We had our first show in Texas at the Red Potato Market out in Simonton this past weekend. When Kayla and I first came out to their sweet, little shop we felt right at home.  Wide open spaces and farms everywhere, well except instead of cornfields it was cattle and horse ranches, but either way it was beautiful! 

The market takes place in a big, old red barn on the property, and the cutest part was having our booth in the old horse stalls! The space looked cool already with its tin walls and old barn wood sides. I loved setting up shop in there. Here are a few pictures of our space:  

One of the best things about the event, was meeting some pretty amazing people! Heather Barricklow from The Texas Gypsy (on the right) and her mama Betsy (on the left) and artist Frank Bielec (you remember Frank from Trading Spaces on HGTV) were some of the sweetest, most hilarious people I have ever met! I don't think there could possibly be a conversation with these folks without gut-busting laughter!! Besides the fact that I say banana and Chicago funny, they have offered to raise me up right and get me conditioned in the southern way!! I guess part of that way is eating some crawfish, so you better take me with Heather. I promise I won't be scared!!

Heather makes all of her soaps, lotions and beard oils by hand, and besides the super, cute packaging, they are really outstanding products. You can check them out in her Etsy shop here and also see her fabulous items on Facebook at Thetexasgypsy.  

Here are a few other vendor item photos during set up. I never did get around to taking pictures, so thank you Heather for sharing yours!!

The next Red Potato Market Days will be October 23rd and 24th, so mark it on your calendars and come check it out! 

Kid, You'll Move Mountains!

Yes, you can make these this weekend!