Kid, You'll Move Mountains!

I'm sharing a little of my heart today because it's almost time for a sweet someone to enter into our lives. My daughter Kayla is expecting, and it really could be any day now. We are so excited to meet this new person, we can hardly wait!! In the mean time, we have been putting together a little boys room and finding the cutest things. Where was Pinterest when I was having Kayla!!!! 

I feel like they have come so far with choices for boys too. Oh my goodness, we could go crazy buying things, but have really reserved ourselves because we know it's going to be fun shopping once he gets here! Did you know that Burt's Bees has a baby clothing line?!! It's just too sweet for words!

Kayla made a lot of the room's decor, including this fun mobile!  

I also love the choices she made for the collage wall that were either handmade or gifts from friends. She's still working on a weaving to the right.

Of course, Penny Lane has to be nosey and check out all the goods! She's been eyeing a stuffed cat on one of the lower shelves and is very eager for us to leave the room so she can steal him away!!! I have a feeling that she and the baby are going to be nap buddies.

I really can't think of anything better than snuggling a baby, especially when it's your baby, and I've been told that being the Grandma is EVEN BETTER!!!!

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