A Christmas Update

Hello, all of you happy people! We here at Under a Tin Roof hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or just a wonderful weekend if you don't celebrate. We decided to start a new tradition this year and take a mini vacation to Chicago, our home away from home. We had such a fun time! But before we get ahead of ourselves, some photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This was baby Tad's very first Christmas! I never knew that Christmas could be any more fun than it is as a kid, until I had a child of my own! This was definitely my favorite Christmas yet. That Theodore Henry was such a good boy, he deserved ALL the presents. We really didn't go too crazy this year, seeing as he doesn't understand what's happening anyway. His favorite gift was a rocking horse from his great grandma and MY favorite was Theo the Cat from BlaBla Kids

We decided to leave Christmas morning to visit my grandmother in Illinois before heading to Chicago, so that meant we were opening our gifts to each other (my mom, dad, and I) on Christmas Eve in our new jammies. It was incredibly fun for me this year because I had enough money saved up to get my parents actual gifts. You know, not a clay dish from art class. It was neat. I also knit everyone gifts this year, not all wearable.


Mesmerized by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters - his favorite show. 

Someone was having a really fun time NOT STAYING STILL for any photos. I guess we're at that stage. Also note Penny unhappily wearing Tad's sweater.

Tad Henry and his loot + a family themed selfie via the selfie stick. why, dad, why!!!!!! just kidding. I'm sure it will get more use than I care to admit.

Next, we went to great grandma's house, over the Mississippi River and through the corn fields. We were all a bit spoiled. It was awesome. 

You know a meal's good when you fall asleep in the middle of it. (that bone was beautifully staged for obvious reasons.)

And now, for some photos from good, old Chicago. The weather wasn't necessarily beautiful, but it wasn't bitter, and we liked that! I would have liked some snow, but so it goes. Does me bringing up the weather make me old? Anyway, we all had a great time. Personally, I was a bit stressed because the baby in the stroller in front of me felt a little too far way for comfort, but it's probably just the mom talking. 

Eating at Uno's - the best deep dish. 

My dad can hardly wait to plan for next year's vacation. We're thinking DC and visiting the Smithsonian's. If anyone has any recommendations for DC at Christmas time, let us know! We had such a fun little trip, and we hope you all had a day spent with your loved ones, celebrating the happiest time of the year. (:

xoxo Kayla

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The Perfect Way to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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