Merry Christmas! A few photos from what we've been up to lately:

Hello, all! We've been really busy working on our products and trying to figure out the best ways to share them with all of you. Jill has been hard at work sewing our new baby bonnets and tunics (one, two). They are looking absolutely beautiful! We have a few other products up in our shop, which you can see by clicking "shop" anywhere on our website! But enough about that - this is what we've been up to at the Haupt house:

A couple of weeks ago, we had two of the giant elm trees in our yard taken down. We were so, so sad to see them go. They were ginormous, as you can see, and shaded our little cottage so nicely in the summer. But after we had an expert come out and look at them, we were told they were potentially more harmful than good (sadness!!!!). A few branches had already fallen over autumn, and we wouldn't want any more (or the entire tree) to come crashing down on a newly toddling little one. So, down they came. Above is Tad sitting in front of the one that was at the front of the house. Isn't that crazy?!! He's nine months if you needed a reference. That's crazier to me.

And now here's way too many photos of our Christmas tree, Neville:

It took us a while, but we all finally decided to name the tree Neville. It fits him quite well, I think. He was the last little tree left at Menards for $15. I guess Iowans get their tree game on early because we bought Neville two weeks before Christmas! Sheesh. He was too cute not to take home, shortness and all. He actually works perfectly for our family this year. Tad can pull himself up to stand and can just reach the very bottom branches, so no worry with pulling the tree on himself or breaking any ornaments. And we all hate our house right now so Neville brightens up the one nice corner.

I made Tad's Christmas ornament a few nights ago. I love how it turned out! It's just imperfect enough to make me happy. If you can't tell (ha! ha. ha.) I sewed the entire thing by hand with wool felt. It should be a fun memory ornament each year when we pull it out (: 

Nakey buns! This photo has been floating around on all of our social media. I just love it so much! We hope you all have a very merry Christmas this year. We are excited to spend it with our new addition, even if he won't know what's going on. Have a good one! (:

xoxo Kayla

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