We're Back! Thanksgiving + A Recipe

Hello to all of you who have been with us since the beginning, and welcome to those who are visiting our corner of the internet for the first time! We’ve been working hard to bring you the new and improved Jillian Haupt & Co, newly renamed Under a Tin Roof!

It was a big decision, but after some debate we decided to change the name after it was confirmed that the entire family was joining the business (baby Tad included (; ). Under a Tin Roof is inspired by our new studio in Iowa, where we are literally working under a tin roof! 

For any new followers, a little background info:

We are Jill and Kayla, a mother/daughter duo who love to make things, photograph, and write about them. It’s taken a few years of failed blogs and getting through school, but with some collaboration of both of our skills, we are finally making our internet dreams come true. 

I (Kayla) have failed with several lifestyle blogs, not knowing how to keep track of it all and plan. It’s been a struggle, because it’s something I have always wanted to do, but could just never push myself to finish. It’s our goal to keep this blog going, sharing with you our favorite diys, recipes, and adventures from our lives! Our business is beginning to finally blossom into something we have all dreamed of for a long time.

I have been traveling with both of my parents ever since I can remember to sell our products at different festivals and craft fairs. You can read more about this on our about pages. Now that my son, Tad, is in the picture, it became the perfect opportunity to take our business to the next level. 

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and keeping up with Under a Tin Roof!

Now, for some good, old Thanksgiving and a (delicious) sweet potato pie recipe!

This was my first attempt at a pie, ever. Crust and all. I am not a professional (at anything, really. except maybe movie trivia.) at all, but I will #humblebrag a little about my skills in the ktichen, just a little. hence, humble brag. Every time I cook/bake with the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook, I am amazed at what I can make. You know, it’s probably just their recipe skills that beat my own skills in the kitchen. 

Every single thing I have made with this cookbook over the years has turned about incredibly. This year, I decided to cook our entire Thanksgiving dinner using this cookbook and a couple of their others. 

This pie crust is freaking awesome. So easy, no weird chants or rituals you have to do over it before making sure it turns out okay. I decided to take the boys’ lead, and make a ticking along the edge with the edge of a knife. Easy peasy.

I did get photos of our entire dinner-no plate, but our kitchen is just not super cute right now (new-to-us old house with many repairs in need), so you are getting a plate shot. We had maple bourbon roasted turkey + gravy, toasted coconut sweet potatoes, leek & red potato gratin, homemade cornbread, roasted glazed carrots, and asparagus. 

Tad approves. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Time for Christmas Vacation.

This post written by Kayla.

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