Junk Jubilee in Des Moines, IA

I absolutely love going to handmade, junkin, vintage shows, especially when they are filled with beautifully displayed booths! Sweet, miniature shops that are usually small, family businesses/entrepreneurs are my favorite. There is so much inspiration that your head could literally explode with ideas. Okay, maybe that's just me!

A few weeks ago, we drug our aunt, Jane, and cousin Kara (by the way, two amazingly talented artists themselves!) and headed out to Des Moines to check out the Junk Jubilee. If you love going to shows like this, then you will not be disappointed when attending this event. Kayla and I took plenty of photos to share so you could see just how great it is! 

Snuck in a few family photos, too. Aunt Jane and I striking a pose!

And, of course, Tad Henry (obviously having a blast!).

Had to share this one! We thought he would be terrified, but Tad absolutely adored this little elf doll. It's head was animatronic and moved from side to side. Tad doesn't belly laugh too often (Mr. Serious) but he couldn't help but let out a few giggles while watching this guy!

Vintage flannels were a hot item. 

And low and behold, a little bit of Kalona, Iowa at the show. It's Karen from THE SHOP!

 We are looking forward to getting our own booth together for next season's shows, but had a blast checking out all the great vendors. Anyone else in the Iowa City area know of some great shows that we should check out? Thanks so much for stopping by!

This post written by Jill.

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