Staying Focused

Does anyone else get distracted easily when designing a room? I am pretty sure I have it all together, and then I get out to the store and BAM! There I am walking out of Home Goods with a red ceramic elephant in hand that has absolutely nothing to do with where I was heading in the first place. I mean, Home Goods is one of the best stores on the planet, but it creates a giant diversion in my head. 

When I am working on a big project, I have found putting together a design board works wonders at keeping me focused. Yes, sometimes I feel silly toting it around, but it saves me time and money, two things I am quite fond of, when I am out wandering.

I am still pretty busy giving all of the rooms a fresh coat of paint, and Kurt has been busy laying in the wood floors when he can. This house seems to be taking us the longest to get done, not because it's difficult; it's just hard to find the time. The plan this weekend is to get a majority of it finished, floors, new base trim, and painting. Then we can start moving.

Original Post on June 25, 2014

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