DIY Flower Garlands

If you know me, then you know I love the details! Here is a project that will make you look like a professional for your next event. It is the simplest of crafts, yet makes such an impact when used for decorating at a party or used in the background of a photograph. The basis for this one:  coffee filters. Yes, cheap ol' coffee filters and a few tea bags from the grocery store.


- stapler

- scissors

- ribbon (I cut mine to be 10 feet long)

- 5 tea bags (will make about 10 or more total garlands)

- glue gun

- coffee filters

Step 1:  Take 3 coffee filters and stack them up.

Step 2:  Fold them in half.

Step 3:  Fold over again into quarters.

Step 4:  Fold one last time.

Step 5:  With your scissors, cut the wide top of the coffee filters into two ridges. You do not need to be perfect with this one, or even draw the shape in; I just wanted to show you how I cut the tops off. 

Step 6:  This is to show you what the layers will look like when cut.

Step 7:  Take the layers and separate them. You do not want to have the edges matched back perfectly. Stack them back together.

Step 8:  Pinch the layers back together and staple the uncut bottom.

If you are planning on making a 10 foot garland like mine, you will need 24 of these flowers made up. 

Step 9:  Dip the ends, about half an inch to an inch deep, into the tea. Lay the flowers on their sides to dry. This is the worst part of the entire process. The flowers take a while to dry. I usually dip mine at night and when I wake up the next morning, they are ready to open. Open up all of your flowers carefully so you do not tear them.

Step 10:  Take your cut ribbon and lay it across the flat side of one flower half. Apply some glue and press another flower half to it. This will make one whole flower on both sides of the ribbon.

I use 12 full flowers for each garland. Of course, you can make yours any size you like. Happy crafting!

Original Post on April 8, 2014

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