Lightbulb Idea

I have been hunting around the thrift shops in town for something unique to hang the several charm necklaces I have for sale. It was not turning out to be an easy task. I thought I wanted something that was already made for jewelry, but everything was too short or too much work.

Bummed that I did not find the perfect piece, I decided to take one last look in my collection of garage treasures. Low and behold, I found something that might work.

The lamp was a little rough-housed, so I stripped off the cheap, faux plastic leather shade and spray painted the entire thing with chocolate metallic paint. Voila! A necklace holder with tons of space for every charm necklace that I had!

I like it so much I may need one on my dresser now. I could see all kinds of flower clips on it, and I could hang bracelets and necklaces - maybe even a couple of photos pinned to it! I guess I will be hunting for more lamps now!

Original Post on April 18, 2013

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