Get to Work!

I am finally starting to feel settled into our new location, The Woodlands, TX. We love it so far! Southern hospitality does exist. In fact, I have noticed that when folks say, 'how are you doing?' they actually want to know how you are doing. That being said, it can take an extra fifteen minutes in line at the grocery store!

On to the fun stuff - decorating! This house is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. We will be renting it out for the next year; Kurt and I have not rented a place since the first year we were married, twenty-one years ago. It is difficult for us to not knock walls down and tear up the flooring.

The first place to set up was my work space so that I can put my business back up! The only furniture we brought from the old house were a huge antique store hutch and a large, square table. That's it! There was not much to do to the hutch other than fill it with all of my materials.

I was having such an issue with finding stools for the table. Nothing I saw for sale was making me feel too excited. When I did finally find something, the price tag was too far out of the range I wanted to spend in. I love Pottery Barn, but $300 per chair was not happening with me.

When I stumbled upon these four chairs at an antique shop, I thought they would work just fine. They were solid wood, at least; pretty sturdy and a decent color. The price was just right, too. $120 for all four. Of course, the sales girl was all over us on how great they were and what a nice antique set. I did not have the heart to tell her there were Target sales tags on the bottoms of each of them! I didn't really care that they were antique or not, just that they would work. 

As soon as we got them in the truck, I turned to Kurt, about to open my mouth when he cut me off saying, "Yes. Just paint them or do whatever you are going to do to them." He knows me so well.

I have been inspired by the natural wood that is popular lately. Restoration Hardware's products are amazing. It us very unlike me to not paint something, but I am giving this a shot. The chairs were painted black with a faux suede seat cover - not awful, but could be better. I sanded off almost all of the paint. 

Once they were all sanded and the wood was raw, I really liked them. I am not going to put any finish on them at all. 

The cushions needed some work next. I love flour sack covered furniture. I attempted my own spin at it, and I love the results. There are generally no flour sacks immediately available for purchase, and I wanted to finish this project in a weekend so I settled for what I could find. A canvas drop cloth from the hardware store was my material of choice and affordable, too, $9.  

I decided to be extra clever and print Kurt, Kayla, and my birthdays on each of the cushions. The extra stool has our wedding anniversary. Corny, but it works!

I am in love with how they turned out. In fact, I may have to go online and purchase a couple more antique stools from Target to add to the kitchen. 

Original Post on October 21, 2013

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