A Man Cave for Kurt

The Challenge: turning a 12' x 24' garage addition into a workspace that does not feel like you are stuck out in the garage. Oh, and did I mention on a budget?! After the installation of the insulation, drywall, and wiring ($560) it was time to get started.

We have been spending the majority of our hunting at our local Re-Store, hoping to find items that would work. One of the first treasure we stumbled upon were these old French style doors that were $130 for the set. We fell in love with them instantly, and we are going to make work, no matter what. I am so lucky to have my husband, Kurt; he can turn any idea into a reality!

Considering this will be where Kurt spends most of his time working, we are going for a masculine feel. The ceiling is being painted Sharkskin - perfectly scary and manly! 

Kurt was pumped when he found the nine recessed lights at Re-Store for just $4 each. The exterior door (another Re-Store purchase) was only $50. We had purchased a door exactly like it just a few months prior for our basement, and it was over $200 - grr!

The crown molding was $32, and the two hanging lights were $30 each. The lights were from a Red Lobster, which will fit perfectly with the Sharkskin ceiling, right? 

Here's Kurt sealing the cement floor. We decided to keep it simple with the flooring since paint may splatter here and there. Plus, it keeps the expenses down. Next up:  moving in the machines, furniture, and decorating - the fun stuff!

Original Post on April 15, 2013

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