A Love/Hate Relationship

Does anyone else out there share my pain? I am not sure half of the time if I love having my windows covered in layers or if they should be left bare. My ultimate fear is that once I have spent the money on yards of fabric, not to mention the expensive hardware needed to make a proper curtain, that it will just end up looking like an obnoxious prom gown that I will eventually hate in a month or two. And I have to make it, too! Yes, this has happened before.

Pro: I love letting the light in.

Con: I hate letting the neighbors in on what I'm watching for my late night "guilty pleasure" television show. (Yes, I am addicted to Project Runway and Dance Moms.)

Pro: I love the trim moldings and architecture around old windows and would rather not cover it up.

Con: I do not love that anyone can see me changing in my bedroom!

Pro: Open windows allow me to watch the world around me and enjoy nature every once in a while.

Con: Did I mention that our neighbors can potentially see every move we make??

So, I have settled for simple, gathered curtains that hang from a tension rod in most of the private rooms. I am not sure that I love them all that much, but they serve their purpose and will get me by until I can find something that will suit my desires. Anyone else out there want to share their window solutions?

Original Post on April 11, 2013

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